Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Is Archie Dropping Out?

Last week, CelebrityNews.net took David Archuleta to task for dropping out of high school.

According to the site, Archie has not signed up for classes at his school, Murray High. Classes are scheduled to begin August 25th. The rumor is that he will be home schooled, which the site argues is “just as good as saying he is dropping out.”

The site went on to say, “the example he sets could have devastating effects.”

Devastating effects? Huh?

If Archie had just quit school on a whim to try and make it as a singer, I might be more inclined to agree (And I stress the word might.). But Archie made it because of a TV show. That’s not really an example everyone can follow.

And what about all of the other kids in show business who do not attend public school. Are they dropouts as well? I think they should cut him some slack…

By the way, the “New York Post” quoted a Murray High administrator as saying the report was “inaccurate.” “The Deseret News” reported that Archie can register at any time during the year.

What do you guys think? Is this much ado about nothing?