Friday, February 29, 2008

Is There Trouble in the Idol Household?

Are the “Idol” contestants feuding? TMZ says yes…

The website is reporting that at least one of the female contestants has taken cheap shots at Syesha Mercado, including calling her hair nappy, a la Don Imus.

The report also says the guys have been ganging up against David Archuleta, making “snarky” comments behind his back. TMZ says it could be jealousy since 19 has already been in touch with top record publishers to get songwriters to start writing songs for him…


Asia’h Shows Her Savvy

Michael Slezak from “Entertainment Weekly” pointed out something interesting in his recap of last night’s show.

When the girls gathered around Alaina Whitaker encouraging her to sing, Asia’h told her a record producer could be watching.

That girl’s always thinking, isn’t she?

If you missed the emotional farewell, you can see it here.

Valentino By Alessandra Facchinetti

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Did the Right Four Go Home?

So, did America get it right? Yes and no…

They definitely got Jason Yeager right, although he might have made things interesting if he had sung like he did tonight. And Alaina was probably right, even though she is talented. I don’t think I could have handled any more songs like that one. Alexandrea did give a bad performance last night, but she was so good in the first week that I hate to see her go. That spot really should have gone to Amanda. I appreciate her originality and that she’s someone different for the competition, but she really should have gone before Alexandrea.

As for Robbie over Luke, that was absolutely the wrong decision. Robbie wasn’t fantastic, but he was definitely not worse than Luke. I think all of that fake rocker talk got the best of Robbie. And it’s clear that Luke is skating by on those “Dawson’s Creek” looks.

So, what do you think? Did the right four go home?

Our Second Surprise of the Night

8:46 We’re back…Now for the big news…March 11th is the first performance of the top 12. The theme for the show will be Lennon/McCartney/Beatles night since Sony/ATV has finally released the catalog for the show to use (Ryan announced that on his radio show yesterday.). They’ll unveil the new set and Ruben Studdard has recorded a special exit song. I guess that’s how 19 is going to get him a new deal…Now, Ryan mentions “Idol Gives Back” and shows some moments from last year’s show. Can you say stalling?...This year’s IGB will be April 9th…Break…

8:53 We’re back…Ryan says Brad Pitt, Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry and Reese Witherspoon will be on IGB…Lights down for guys…Luke, David H., David C., David A….Luke and Robbie at center. It’s one of them. No big surprise…Ryan botched his stalling or he didn’t get the message in his earpiece…It’s Robbie. YIKES! How does Luke keep surviving?...Robbie says that he was doomed by, what else, song choice…Goodbye video…I still don’t know what that song is, but apparently that doesn’t matter since Ruben has recorded the official one…

8:57 Robbie sings “Hot Blooded”…Carly is crying…By the way, TMZ reports that Robbie’s hair is a wig and the stylists weren’t happy about it…

8:59 And we’re out…

The Big News Is...

8:46 We’re back…Now for the big news…March 11th is the first performance of the top 12. The theme for the show will be Lennon/McCartney/Beatles night since Sony/ATV has finally released the catalog for the show to use (Ryan announced that on his radio show yesterday.). They’ll unveil the new set and Ruben Studdard has recorded a special exit song. I guess that’s how 19 is going to get him a new deal…Now, Ryan mentions “Idol Gives Back” and shows some moments from last year’s show. Can you say stalling?...This year’s IGB will be April 9th…Break…

An Emotional "Idol" First

So during the break, I checked, and sure enough, they championed Amanda. I’m sure they’ll take the credit for her sticking around…

8:35 We’re Back…Lights down for girls…Front row…Carly, Alaina, Ramiele, Syesha and Kady…Carly…safe…Ramiele…safe…Uh-oh…Syesha…SAFE! Thank goodness…That leaves Kady and Alaina…One of them got the lowest vote total and the other was in the bottom three, but is safe. Interesting…Kady…safe…Alaina is leaving. I’m one for two on the girls tonight…Alaina starts bawling and Kady hugs her. She says that she can’t sing. Ryan gives her a hug…Ryan tries to pump her up…Paula gives her a standing ovation and fights back tears…So much for Simon’s dark horse…Paula says this is the start of an amazing career…Ryan’s still trying to pump her up…Ryan actually gives her a choice as to whether she sings or not. Woah! She says it will sound terrible, but the other girls talk her into it…Ryan invites the other girls down to help her out. An “Idol” first…David A. is crying again, as is Danny Noriega…Ramiele is crying…Paula gives her another standing ovation…Alaina gets it together and moves out in front of the girls…Okay, now I’m crying…Ryan pulls it back together and promises us some important “Idol” news. About “Idol Gives Back” maybe?...Break…Good. Now I can pull myself together…

The Night's First Surprise

8:22 We’re back. I knew Ryan wasn’t telling the truth…Girls recap…Ryan says the girls were up to the challenge. I’m not sure about that one, Ryan…Syesha was grouped in with the good ones. Maybe that means she’s safe after all…Brooke was overwhelmingly the favorite performance around the Internet today…Alexandrea sounds worse on the replay…

8:26 Ryan faces the girls…Lights down...Back row stands…Kristy, Amanda, Alexandrea, Brooke and Asia’h…Kristy is safe…Ryan’s being random…Asia’h is safe…Brooke is safe…That leaves Amanda and Alexandrea…Amanda seems sure it’s her…Alexandrea is going home…Woah!...So, uniqueness won out. Interesting…Amanda is emotionless…Randy says it’s not really the right choice…Paula says it’s the beginning of her career…Alexandrea’s stunned…She sings “If You Leave Me Now”…Now I’m really worried I told that reporter wrong about Syesha. If I am, I know I’ll get a phone call around 8:59…David A. is crying and hides his face. Luke comforts him. Maybe David will need to return that favor later…This one actually sounds better too. What’s going on?...Alexandrea gives David A. a hug…She gives Ryan one too…Ryan asks the girls to come down to the stage…Break…

The First Guy to Go Home Tonight...

8:09 We’re back…Results time…First, a recap of the guys…They group Robbie with the good performances. Not sure about that…I still don’t understand why Simon got so offended by David’s comment. Backstage, David said he felt bad for offending him…Boy, Luke and Jason just sound worse with each play, don’t they?...Man, David H. better get through or I’m going to be upset. I need to download that after I’m done with this…I’ll download David A. too…

8:12 Ryan faces the guys…He asks Luke if it’s any easier. Asks Jason C. if he’s nervous…Lights down…Back row stands…Jason Y., Danny, Chikezie, Jason C., Michael…He tells Michael to sit. He’s safe…Chikezie…is safe…Jason…is safe after a fakeout…Jason Y. and Danny Noriega remain…Jason is going home. No big shocker there…

8:14 Jason joins Ryan on stage…He says he had a feeling he’d be in the bottom after the thrashing he took from the judges…Jason says song choice doomed him…Simon tells Jason he needs “a heck of a lot more experience” and that he doesn’t stand out…Jason does “Long Train Runnin’”…David H. looks way too confident. I’m worried…Is it just me, or does that song actually sound good this time?...So do they tell the family members ahead of time who’s getting eliminated so they can be on the platform to watch?...Yikes! That was actually good. And he wisely left out the weird dance move at the end…

8:16 Ryan says we’ll find out the other guy next. Surely not…Break…

Another Not-So-Cheesy Medley

In honor of my wireless being back, let's actually do a minute-by-minute blog...

7:59 Intro...

8:00 Ryan says almost 31 million votes…Randy says the themes are a test to see if contestants can sing something besides what’s on the radio right now. And he says music was better then…

8:01 Ryan says his mother noticed that Simon was putting his open hand up to the side of his head. Simon says it’s a code, but he doesn’t say what it is. He only tells Paula to hold his hand…

8:02 70s medley time…Michael opens “I Saw the Light.” He sounds much better tonight…The harmony is actually nice…Kristy Lee starts off “It’s a Heartache.” Why didn’t she do that one last night?...Amanda can’t even handle that one and it should be right up her alley…Chikezie’s microphone doesn’t work so the beginning of “The Things We Do For Love” is messed up…They actually sound good…What is up with the microphones tonight? Brooke’s is also off hurting the beginning of “I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet”…Jason Yeager actually sounded good there…For the second time in a row, the medley is not all that cheesy. That actually disturbs me…

8:06 Break…

Tonight's Results Show

Don't you hate it when something doesn't work, but when you call support it works perfectly for them?

Translation--my wireless is back on. So, I will be blogging live once again.

Since this will be another hourlong results show, I'll just join you when eliminations and anything else interesting occurs.

Earlier today I talked with a reporter from the Sarasota Herald Tribune. He was asking for my thoughts on hometown girl Syesha Mercado. I told him I thought she'd be okay tonight.

Boy, do I hope I'm not wrong...

Back in a bit...

Victoria Beckham’s Love Of Fashion

Image Hosting by

Prior to her Spice Girl reunion tour farewell concert last night, Victoria Beckham was busy taking in a little of her own fashion in downtown Toronto.

Posh was spotted looking well-dressed and into the moment while attending a preview of the dVb Collection at Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street.

As previously reported by Gossip Girls, Vic then joined her fellow Spice Girls at the Air Canada Centre for what possibly was her final onstage appearance.

Meanwhile, Posh’s hubby David Beckham is currently in South Korea for a three match Asian tour. The Los Angeles Galaxy stud’s squad is set to “play FC Seoul in a friendly match on Saturday before continuing its Asian tour in Shanghai, China, on March 5 and Hong Kong on March 9.”

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So who's going home?

So who’s going home? I think Amanda is a definite, but the other one is a total toss-up. My gut says Alaina, but it could also be Alexandrea. Kady, Syesha and Kristy Lee are all possibilities as well, but I think Kady will stick around based on her personality.

What do you think? Do you think that no theme would have allowed the girls to make better choices or were they just doomed either way?

Remember, the results show airs tomorrow at 8 p.m. on FOX…

Asia'h Tries a Big One

Asia’h Epperson, “All By Myself”: 16
What is up with all of the bad song choices tonight? Asia’h definitely did not pick a song that’s suited for her voice, and apparently her voice agreed when it failed her on the first chorus. They tried to pull the sick excuse, but even with a perfect voice, it was the wrong song for her. And by the way, Asia’h, there’s no smiling when singing this song.

Alexandrea Tries Chicago and Kady Tries a Little “Magic”

Alexandrea Lushington, “If You Leave Me Now”: 14
She needed a song with some attitude. And what was with that outfit? She looked more like a flygirl than someone snoozing through a Chicago song.

Kady Malloy, “Magic Man”: 14
I really like Kady, but I’m with Simon. She picked a song with no melody. The verses were weak and the music was bigger than her. Plus, she got off to a rotten start when she almost fell down the stairs—the first time I’ve ever seen that on the show.

Alaina is “Hopelessly Devoted”

Alaina Whitaker, “Hopelessly Devoted to You”: 15
This is a song that should only be sung in a “Grease” competition. Simon said she’s one of the “dark horses” in the competition, but not with stuff like that.

A Little Break...

If the time is correct on the scheduled outage, you're about to lose me.

If you do, I'll be back as soon as I can...

Amanda Goes a Little "Wayward"

Amanda Overmyer, “Carry On Wayward Son”: 13
I think the only part of that song that was in tune was the chorus and Amanda knew it because she looked completely lost. And that weird dancing didn’t help her any.

Kristy Does Linda Ronstadt

Kristy Lee Cook, “You’re No Good”: 16
I think she was trying to be a little country with this one, but I’m not sure it completely worked. And what was that weird lunging she was doing? Was that supposed to be dancing?

Ramiele Struggles A Little

Ramiele Malubay, “Don’t Leave Me This Way”: 16
This might be the song that Syesha should have done. For Ramiele, it just exposed all of her weaknesses with her bad segues and other pitchiness.

And what was Ryan’s comment about “this spring at the wedding”? Surely Simon isn’t actually making an honest woman out of Terri, is he?

Syesha Disappoints While Brooke Soars

Syesha Mercado, “Me and Mr(s). Jones”: 15
I really thought this was a bad song choice for her. I think she would’ve been better suited for Donna Summer or some other disco number (as much as I hate disco). She was way too tentative on the verses. And that package with her baby cry introducing her slow ballad didn’t do her any favors.

Brooke White, “You’re So Vain”: 19
Talk about perfect song choice. It was also shrewd of her to go one verse with the guitar and one verse without. I took one point off for her issues with the lower notes.

Carly Goes "Crazy"

Carly Smithson, “Crazy On You”: 17
Okay, here’s me trying to judge Carly based only on her performance. The first half of the song was pretty weak, but she worked it out and it turned out to be a nice choice for her. But since she did Heart this week, does that mean she won’t do “Alone” next week if it turns out to be 80s week? I’m not really crazy about how Simon gushed about her, and did we have to keep hearing that she’s well this week?

Tonight's Show

So I didn’t have a chance to call Verizon and figure out what’s wrong with my wireless, so you’ll have to bear with me again tonight as I post during the commercial breaks.

Plus, I've just seen on the Blogger homepage that there is a scheduled outage at 6 p.m. PST, which means you'll probably lose me for a little while around 9. But I'll be back as soon as Blogger will let me.

Don't they know it's "American Idol" night?!

Back in a bit…

Magnetism of Balenciaga

Image Hosting by

The parade Nicolas Ghesquiére in Balenciaga has done for us to see the bright side of the creator with a more feminine and sophisticated collection with no clear betrays itself, continues with its peak ahead, continues with its delusions and its robotic perversions androids but has become his wife, his client, in a city that loves glamoamazona the mark and not only because it was the pledge it this season but for a perfect cut and original as an elaboration of the classics, read the arrival of the new taillor of Ghesquiére to black, but it continues with its passions and its future revised. Ghesquiére sells saleability concept, but refined and feminine. The parade Nicolas Ghesquiére in Balenciaga has done for us to see the bright side of the creator with a more feminine and sophisticated collection with no clear betrays itself, continues with its peak ahead, continues with its delusions and its robotic perversions androids but has become his wife, his client, in a city that loves glamoamazona the mark and not only because it was the pledge it this season but for a perfect cut and original as an elaboration of the classics, read the arrival of the new tallieur of Ghesquiére to black, but it continues with its passions and its future andróginas revised. Ghesquiére sells saleability concept, but refined and feminine.

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Image Hosting by

At the end seduces them all the team's black and white. And if Ghesquiére wants, is a teacher. Wonderful design uve neck, rectum, drapeado marked with waist skirt and concluding with a very erotic but nothing carnal. A beautiful design. Ghesquiére a surrender.

Image Hosting by

The two pieces but in another way, more professional, more refined, more Ghesquiére. Jacket cutting men loose with the waist and neck with horseshoe color creates a black silhouette purified. As supplements, a gray skirt with a grand opening thigh and a bajotela plisada. As accessories, the future.

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Dressed cutting structural materials made with a little moldeable, almost rigid, and with a high-gloss finish. Ghesquiére returns to the women who seem androids, but this time, female: more neckline, waist more and more volumes.

Image Hosting by

Another version of the look of Balenciaga. Cutting irregular shirt and almost royal blue, combined with details blank. Amazon urban, more gray but with a touch of Ghesquiére visionary.

Image Hosting by

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Ghesquiére, beloved child in the world of fashion, creator and created maelstrom of temptations has created a collection that combines the key to their look, futuristic protest, delirious with notions of classicism, charm and sophistication. Ghesquiére been reborn, concerned about how and uncompromising. Ghesquiére unconcerned create beauty, is not a priority because they sell without doing but has noticed that in the end the ugly duckling and swan was the frog prince and the beauty as an entity, as a goal, is magnetic. Ghesquiére, new airs at Balenciaga, new cuts and old forms for a patriot, for a creator for a couturier. Back to Ghesquiére Balenciaga, but also turn their androids come back chic.

Simon Predicts a Winner

On last night’s “Extra,” Simon Cowell predicted this year’s winner…

And I don’t think it’s any shock to anyone that he has picked David Archuleta.

Simon told “Extra,” “He’s cute. He’s likeable. [He has] a big voice. He’s the one to beat.”

“Extra” also asked Simon about Chikezie. “He’s never going to win unless the other 18 resign.” Ouch!

Simon also confirmed that he is staying on the show for two more seasons. “I’m not ready to walk and I’m not walking.”

Simon’s prediction, by the way, was made before last night’s performance. But David did nothing to prove Simon wrong. If you missed it, you can see it here.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes.

I love saddle shoes.

More Dresses

So who's going home?

So who’s going home? Well, Luke Menard should go home but that whole “Dawson’s Creek” thing may keep him in. And it’s definitely way past time for Jason Yeager to go. If I had to pick someone other than them, I would go with Danny Noriega.

Right now, I’m going to go vote for David Hernandez a bunch of times because I’m afraid that David Archuleta made everyone forget all about him…

So what did you think? That first hour was a bit of a snoozer wasn’t it? Let’s hope the girls choose better songs…

David A. Wows Them All

David Archuleta, “Imagine”: 25
I know my maximum score is only 20, but that was so totally in a league of its own I had to add more points. WOW! And as popular as he is, why can’t we just give him a pass to the top 12 right now?

Chikezie and David Take Shots at Simon

Chikezie, “I Believe to My Soul”: 18
This guy needs to put more attitude into his songs and less into his comments to Simon. It was a rough beginning, but he worked it out.

David Cook, “Alright Now”: 18
It’s clear that David uses his guitar as a little bit of a crutch because he really has no charisma. But the vocal was solid, even if the guitar was a little loud. But his swipe at Simon was completely uncalled for.

What is with everyone attacking Simon without a reason this year? And what’s with Simon letting it get to him so badly?...

Jason Y. Cranks Up the Cheese Factor Even Higher

Jason Yeager, “Long Train Runnin’”: 14
Just when you thought this guy couldn’t get any cheesier. And what was that dance move at the end (I think Simon was a little harsh calling him “drunk at a party,” but I agree that it was weird.)?

Could I Have Found My Guy?

David Hernandez, “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”: 20
FINALLY a good song from the 70s and David nailed it. I LOVED the way he redid the song to work as a solo number. Yes, there was a small choke at the end, but I’m going to overlook that. For the first time this season, someone has earned my vote. The only thing that would have made it better is if David had actually said "Daggumit" like in the original.

Danny Does The Carpenters

Danny Noriega, “Superstar”: 15
I really like his lower register, but I think this song could have used a few more power notes. It was a little boring.

Have I mentioned that I can’t stand 70s music? This whole show is starting to feel like an old K-Tel commercial…

Robbie Gets "Hot Blooded"

Robbie Carrico, “Hot Blooded”: 15
The vocal was okay—though rather pitchy in spots—but Robbie SERIOUSLY needs some stage presence.

Jason Returns With His Guitar and Luke Kills "Queen"

Jason Castro, “I Just Want to Be Your Everything”: 16
This week, the guitar hurt Jason because it took his concentration away from his vocals. But I think the song choice was a good one—even if it did sound like one of those old K-Tel soft rock record commercials (Simon called it “schmaltzy.”). I hope he takes Paula’s advice and comes without the guitar next week.

Luke Menard, “Killer Queen”: 10
What on Earth were Randy and Paula listening to? I mean, was any of that on key? It sounded like he was worrying so much about the lyrics that he forgot to worry about pitch. And is it just me or did he sound rough as part of his a cappella group in the taped package?

Michael Goes His "Own Way"

A friend of mine is on vacation in Los Angeles right now. I told her if she runs into Ryan Seacrest to give him my phone number.

What?! I like him—even if I am mad at him about this whole Denise Richards reality show crap…

But why did he have to say that tonight’s theme is the 70s? That’s exactly what I was afraid of…

Michael Johns, “You Can Go Your Own Way”: 15
It was an interesting song choice, but Michael never quite nailed it. He said it was a dream of his to sing a Fleetwood Mac song, but I think he should have gone with one more in his own range.

Tonight's Show

So, my wireless network has decided that tonight would be an excellent time to stop working…

But don’t worry, I’ll still be here live. This just means that I won’t be able to post my scores until during the commercial breaks, so just hang in there with me.

I haven’t heard anything about tonight’s theme, so I’m hoping that means there isn’t one.

The good news is that we’ve only got a 90-minute show to sit through tonight.

Back in a bit…

My Final Word on Carly

If you’ve been reading this blog over the past few weeks, you know that I don’t like Carly Smithson.

But I think it’s a pretty safe bet that she’ll sail into the top 12 and there’s not a dang thing I can do about it. And if I don’t find a way to get over my distaste of her, the whole season will be ruined for me.

So, I decided to write one more post about Carly and then move on.

But before I could get my thoughts down, a longtime reader sent me this interesting thought:

If she's actually good, why do I have to be cheated out of hearing her because
MCA couldn't find an intelligent marketing or accounting staff?

As much as I hate to admit it, I can kind of see her point…

And let’s face it. If I disliked every contestant with some kind of professional past, I would dislike almost all of them. David A. won “Star Search.” Both Kristy Lee and Michael had deals. And you know big bucks were shelled out on Robbie’s band, Boyz and Girlz United, since they toured with Britney.

Plus, the truth is that if it weren’t for my insatiable need to find out everything about every contestant (I do it for you, you know.), I wouldn’t have any reason to dislike Carly so much.

On second thought, I really dislike those tattoos…

Maybe my biggest problem with Carly is something she’s not even responsible for—the way the show presents her. The producers think she’s good so they’ve been a little less than forthcoming about her recording past to keep people from turning against her, and that irritates me.

And I think it’s safe to say that I’m not alone since Simon completely took her to task after last week’s performance. I’m not sure if Simon was just acknowledging the controversy or if he was actually trying to turn America against her. It’s possible he was just trying to knock her down to size since the performance really wasn’t all that great. Whatever his reasoning, I just really appreciated it…

My faithful reader made one more comment that really resonated with me:

I'd rather have someone like her who appreciates and is grateful for being in
the competition than say the guy who shall not be named who thought he was too
good for it.

She’s referring, of course, to Mario Vasquez (who I refer to as He Who Shall Not Be Named), who dropped out of the competition. I know there’s a story about a sexual harassment claim, but I believe he didn’t want to tie himself down with a contract to 19.

The point is that Carly is truly grateful for a second chance and she is willing to go through the entire strain of the competition to get it. I guess I can actually respect that.

So, I will continue to harbor my distaste for Carly and will celebrate when she is finally eliminated. But in the meantime, I promise to judge her as fairly as possible.

You guys, however, are not bound by this promise and are welcome to trash her as much as you’d like…

Oscar Awards 2008

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The Red Carpet largest in the world is without a doubt the red carpet for the Oscars at the Kodak Theatre in LosAngeles. Many have proclaimed that the red carpet is dead, that their verdicts are unchanging and impregnable but lacking public and elegance than that of the old Hollywood divas, those lush ladies of the silver screen, have died and are not likely to be reborn but , the truth is that the red carpet for the Oscars, the most prestigious, the most glamurosa, the most exquisite and full of stars, and all this is a battle fought to death to get the largest number of stars dressed in his trademark. They came to say that the Oscars not eras anyone unless vestías Armani, in the years in which the eagle prevailed among all brands of fashion; say that advertising for the Oscars to signatures on clothing and that amounts to millions stylists and designers and give honor to the various celebrities in order to persuade them to join the ranks of a brand, to step on the red carpet as a genuine star to shine in the firmament of a trademark as the Oscars, event that brings together film and fashion is that if the rest of the year gives them a truce. Here comes into play couture, the most delicious pret a porter and the real stars, glorious, radiant in the Red Carpet.

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Marion Cotillard showcased a design by Gaultier haute couture that conferred an air siren. The dress made in mesh with applications along with clothing and patina of glaze cream. The design that ended with a delicate tailed mermaid wearing a suggestive neckline that enhances the beauty and elegance of the actress. As supplements, a portfolio of rigid hand and a simple necklace of gold chain. The actress, winner of the Oscar for best leading actress was jubilant.

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Vanessa Paradis, always wearing a magnificent design Chanel haute couture line siren with a large central opening in the blade was spectacular. The design conjugaba two models of the spring summer collection Sewing enhances the beauty of Vanessa Paradis. The best ambassador of French chic was radiant with the design that wearing a neck deep in the form of uve combined with a very narrow waist, as one bird cage and was complemented by a subtle diamond necklace and a beautiful hand enameled portfolio.

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Katherine Heigl, the sexiest woman on the planet, chose a design of red Escada very conducive. The design neckline Diana wore an original drapeado a shoulder and fell to his chest where fruncía waist silhouette to create a refined and sophisticated. Then vaporosa concluded with a tail that started from the back. Actress complemented the design firm with a portfolio of silver and platinum jewelry and diamonds. Very elegant, and dazzled posed to the red carpet for the Oscars. The most remarkable thing is that the actress chose a hairstyle reminding the divas of the 50s, especially Marilyn Monroe, and managed to shine in a red carpet full of stars.

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Cameron Diaz appeared at the event wearing a discreet Dior haute couture dress designed by Galliano. The design that combined an irregular folds and cut was made in a pink cake, very clear and gave a youthful touch to the blonde actress. As supplements, the blonde American chose a portfolio oversize and some simple pink salons. Very simple but very sophisticated.

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Heidi Klum appeared on the red carpet wearing a creation of exclusive John Galliano for Dior haute couture reminiscent of those mythical Saint Laurent collection for Dior combining red and strawberry. The model chosen a design complex, creating a halo neck up, a coat and a false shelter opening, and then, like a flower, a tight red dress fire accessories in shades of strawberry-ins. The dress precipitated hordes of comments about them and other loved them horrified. Personally, I would say that what stood out with courage.

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Anne Hathaway chose a design by Marchesa to slide the red carpet for the Oscars. The design, cutting round with a shoulder cuajado flower culminated with an original queue gauze highlighting elegance and added to the design. Perhaps, the only thing to say is that the design makes it more but the actress El Diablo Dress Prada was very elegant gala at the Academy Awards.

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Jessica Alba also chose Marchesa for the event of the year but, on this occasion, did pregnant. The actress chose a design purple cutting round neckline and word of honour cuajado flowers to attend the gala. As accessories chose some simple and some outstanding gold bracelets rigid Greek inspiration as accessories.

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Nicole Kidman attended the event Balenciaga, as always it is a great occasion. To demonstrate the Oscars chose a simple dress in black with the keys to Balenciaga, slightly shorter in front to the rear and to this court that stylized in the blade front. As supplements, actress shone like no spectacular necklace with a bright nearly two thousand carats in total. Very austere, was one of the most acclaimed stars of the evening.

The evening was one of the Oscars ceremony in white and black with red details. The red carpet is not dead, those who have died are the real stars. As a conclusion to say that it is simple, really easy win in a red carpet, all of them have opted for very basic designs without substance and are betting on the legacy of firms with a history that serve to create an applause total to hear them. Chanel and Dior big stars of the show, Marchesa, a firm that treads heels. Many diamonds, Chopard to Cartier; many stars, Nicole Kidman to the already consecrated Marion Cotillard and charming on the Red Carpet. Still, the idea is clear: the Red Carpet enjoys good health. Congratulations to the winners!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Colton Is "Suspicious" of His Fate

When “Entertainment Weekly” asked Colton Berry what went wrong with his performance, he responded, “I really don’t think me leaving the show had anything to do with my performance.”

Colton said he doesn’t know what went wrong, because he thought it was a great performance.

Colton, sweetheart, singing all of the right notes does not automatically mean a great performance…

Joanne's Reality Past

“Idol” is not the only reality show Joanne Borgella has participated in.

She won “Mo’Nique’s F.A.T. Chance,” which she says she tried out for to use as a stepping-stone for her music career. But instead, it led into her modeling career.

You can see her winning moment here…

Amy Knows “Where the Boys Are”

Amy Davis may have butchered “Where the Boys Are,” but she’s getting the attention of boys (and men) everywhere through “Maxim” magazine…

Amy was a “Maxim” 2007 Hometown Hottie and is featured prevalently on the magazine’s website.

As for why she butchered her song, Amy blames a lack of in-ear monitor. She told “Entertainment Weekly” that she’s been using in-ears for two years with her bands back home and since her “brain is totally trained to use that,” she couldn’t change to the floor monitor they use on “Idol.” “I don’t normally sing so pitchy, but it’s gonna take some work on my part to prove that to America post-‘Idol.’”

I would say A LOT of work…

“Idol” Says Goodbye to a Longtime Friend

Thursday, we will say goodbye to four more contestants. But backstage, the show may be saying goodbye to its longtime director…

Insiders say an incident on the “Idol” set, may have triggered the departure of Bruce Gowers, who was nominated for an Emmy last year for his “Idol” work. No word on what that incident may have been or who will replace him…

Are Changes In Store for Next Year?

We haven’t even picked the top 12 yet and already FOX execs are looking at how to tweak “Idol” for next season.

Preston Beckman, FOX’s programming head honcho, told “Broadcasting & Cable” that the network needs to figure out how to start the show next year. “The early part saw some erosion and then we got to Hollywood.”

Beckman says the show is heavily tested through market research which will help guide the plans. “If you listen to the audience, you will generally be fine.”

I’m guessing the friendly tone we got through the opening episodes will disappear next year…

Blake Gets Through to His Label

Kudos to Blake Lewis for fighting for what he believes in…

In a post on his MySpace page, Blake says, “Finally my dream has come true and the label has listened to my pleas.” “How Many Words” will be the next single. No word on when it will be released to radio.

Personally, I think the label should have gone with that one as the first single. It’s a great radio-friendly song that still has enough of Blake’s signature beat-boxing to remind you it’s him…

I just hope radio stations will give it a chance...

If you've never heard it, you can hear it here.

Phil's Date Gets Delayed

Phil Stacey’s CD will now hit stores on April 29th.

Phil’s crazy schedule forced the date to be moved. Two weeks ago, Phil shot his video for “If You Didn’t Love Me,” directed by Roman White, who won a ton of awards for Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats"...
Photo courtesy of Lyric Street Records

Claymates, Mark Your Calendars!

Clay Aiken told “People” last week that he plans to release his next album May 6th.

Clay is recording the CD in New York in between performances of “Spamalot.”

He told the magazine that he would like to wrap a lot of the music around the theme of lessons he’s learned about life. One thing he’s learned is to not come out with “dark crazy hair” this time. “We did that intentionally. But I’m just going to do what I do this time.”

Carrie Returns to Charleston

Country music’s biggest tour is headed to Charleston…

Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban will bring their “Love, Pain and the whole crazy Carnival Ride Tour” to Charleston April 11th.

Tickets go on sale Friday, February 29th at 10 a.m.

But if you’re confused because you thought Carrie had moved on to her own headlining tour, you’re right. She has (In fact, she'll be in Columbus with Josh Turner April 4th.).

And stay tuned, my friends. I've got a feeling this will not be the only Idol-related concert announcement for the Tri-State this year…

Oscar 2008 Trends - Ladies In Red

It was great to see lots of colour at this years Oscars Awards.. And Red was a surprising choice with many celebrities, Miley Cyrus, Helen Mirren, Katherine Heigl, Heidi Klum and Anne Hathaway. Which was great to see as that meant the ladies were willing to stand out and take a risk with this bold colour.

All these woman look fantastic in shades varying from scarlet, to vermillion to crimson and Ruby.

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Katherine Heigl

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Anne Hathaway

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Helen Mirren

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Heidi Klum

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Miley Cyrus

Best Actress and Best Dressed

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Marion won the Best Actress Award for her portrayal of Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose. The actress was a clear favorite to win the honor, but she still appeared shaken and surprised as she collected her award at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.

Fighting back tears of joy, Cotillard said, "It's true, there are some angels in this city." Her speech was so wonderfully heart-warming, that it brought a small tear to my eye.

Anyway, according to my own opinion Marion Cotillard won Best Dressed/Best Haute Couture in this event.(2008 Oscar Award)

This ivory mermaid-like Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2008 Couture gown was simply stunning. I like the a fishtail hem and the scale-esqe embroidery on the whole gown.. Loved it!

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See the complete lists of the winner here.