Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Clay Aiken Album News

While looking for those tour dates, I’ve discovered that Clay’s next album is called “Tried and True” and it features classics like “Unchained Melody,” “Mack the Knife” and “What Kind of Fool Am I?” Earlier this month, he performed a concert in Raleigh, NC, that was taped for a PBS special that will air this summer. lists the release date of "True" as June 1st.

And I call myself a Claymate. How did I not already know all that?

Did America Get It Right?

Final thoughts in a moment. I think I need some Advil form the headache Diddy just gave me…

So did America get it right? I know I predicted Didi to go home, but no they did not. Tim Urban should have gone home. “Teflon Tim,” the new Sanjaya, my Idol nemesis, whatever you want to call him, he needs to go…

Next week, it’s the Lennon/McCartney songbook. Who wants to bet my nemesis is going to butcher “Imagine”?

I’m shuddering just thinking about it…

Now, back to search for those tour dates…

In the meantime, let me know what you guys think by posting a comment below…

And the Person Going Home Is...

9:57 We’re back…Lights down…Didi and Tim…The bottom vote-getter is…Didi…No big shock there. I told you…None of the Idols hug Tim…So what will the judges do? I like Didi, but I don’t think they’ll do it…She does “Rhiannon.” Great choice…The audience is dark, so we can’t see the judges…Sibohan looks like she’s praying…Now we can see the judges. They look like they’re over there cracking jokes…Now they look serious…It’s a good performance. And the kind she should have been giving all along…

10:00 Ryan reminds us how the save works…Simon looks to the panel as the audience chants, “Save her”…Simon says they’re not going to save her, but that it was a million times better than she was last night…Didi goodbye video…I had totally forgotten that Didi was the contestant who had just lost her best friend before she auditioned. No doubt she’ll get a lot of questions about that tomorrow…No surprise she’s crying while watching the video…Crystal is now hugging her and they’re bawling…Ryan just steps away and says nothing. You can see the judges walking up to her...

10:03 And we’re out…

Final thoughts in a moment. I think I need some Advil form the headache Diddy just gave me…

Diddy Blinds Us

9:48 We’re back…A graphic just flashed to tell us that strobe lighting will be used in thie performance. Hmmm…Ryan intros Diddy and Dirty Money with the world premiere of “Hello Good Morning”…It’s on tape…So is Dirty Money the two girls dancing and singing with Diddy? Sorry I don’t know these things…So is it supposed to mean anything that everyone else is in white and the one girl he’s dancing with is in black?...Man they weren’t kidding about the strobe lighting. Holy crap! I’m blinded now…What was that totally weird ending?...Wait! That wasn’t on tape. Diddy just ran past the judges and took the mini-stage and then just hugged all the judges. And a hug for Ryan…Diddy says it has been a long time since he took the stage and he was nervous. And he gives props to the Idols…Break…

We’re going to have to fly now…

And where are those Clay tour dates?...

The Bottom Three Is Complete

9:37 We’re back…Anna Torv from “Fringe” in the house…Lights down…Didi stands…Hmmm…Ryan asks if she’d go back to the guitar if she stays. She says she’s not completely comfortable with it…She’s in the bottom three…She gives Crystal a hug and then walks over to her urinal stool…Big Mike…Ryan says “this is surprising” and asks him to walk over toward him…It’s a fakeout. He’s safe…The Idols say “Pick him up and throw him” so Mike obliges and picks him up like he will throw him. Ryan laughed, but that looked like it hurt…Crystal…safe…Tim and Andrew stand…Ryan points out that Tim is already smiling…Ryan asks Kara about his constant smiling. She says she doesn’t know what to make of it. He says he has to smile because it could be his last time on the stage…Andrew…safe…Tim in the bottom three. But will it matter?...

9:43 Ryan brings Katie and Didi to join Tim at center stage as the bottom three…The one who is safe is…Katie…again…So it’s down to Didi and Tim. I know it’s Didi, even though it shouldn’t be…We know that the judges would NEVER save Tim, but would they save Didi? Hmmm…Break…

Usher Takes the Stage

9:28 We’re back…Next week’s theme is the Lennon/McCartney songbook…Ryan intros his obsession, Justin Bieber, who was mentored by Usher…Ryan intros Usher to do “OMG” featuring…What is that weird split screen?...Is it just me or is this kind of a lame song? is there…Usher and take the mini-stage…It’s a good performance, but a lame song…And does the song really say, “Oh my gosh” or is he cleaning it up for the “Idol” stage?...Break…

So was that on tape? Or are we taking a quick break to clean things up?

And the First Person in the Bottom Three Is...

9:12 We’re back…Ford music video…”Kung Fu Fighting”…They’re all doing it except Casey, who they’re all trying to attack…What the?!...Ryan points out that Big Mike is wearing a purple hair attachment…Ryan asks about Crystal playing the piano…She admits she was nervous about it…Ryan asks Andrew about what the judges said about his personality…He says he thinks he’s pretty cool…Ryan points out Mama Garcia…She tells him to just be himself because “Mama raised him right”...Video of “Clash of the Titans” stars wishing them luck. That was seriously lame…

9:16 Lights down…Lee DeWyze stands…Safe…Casey…safe…Aaron…Ryan asks Simon how Aaron can sing about being in love when he’s never been in love…Simon tells him it’s not “The Oprah Winfrey Show”…Lame banter ensues…Aaron is safe…Siobhan and Katie stand together…I think it’s Siobhan…She tells Ryan she’s not defeated…Katie…In the bottom three…Bummer. I was sure she’d be ok…Siobhan is in tears…You can hear Simon and Kara bickering. Simon is saying she’s in the bottom three because she did R&B and that it’s proof Kara is wrong…Ryan walks over to Simon and tells him he is not supposed to gloat when someone ends up in the bottom three. Awkward banter ensues…Simon says he understands that the theme was R&B, but he’s frustrated she’s not taking his advice. The director is confused and keeps showing a crying Siobhan when Simon is talking to Katie…Break…

And if it seems like I’m missing a lot tonight, that’s because I am. I’m completely obsessed with the fact that Clay is going on tour!!!

Ruben Delivers AWESOME News!!!

Here we go, kids…

9:00 Cheesy intro cut with scenes from “Clash of the Titans”…They just compared gods and mortals to Idols and judges. Holy crap!...And now Simon is the evil god? Make it stop!...We cut the THIS for that? Oh this is going to be bad…

9:02 Ryan gets the dramatic intro…Ryan says the votes are in, but he doesn’t say how many. Hmm…Ryan reminds us of the save and says the judges may have “a tough time”…Judges intro…

9:03 Ryan intros Ruben Studdard to sing “Don’t Make Them Like You No More.” Does that mean no group number? Please, please! Maybe my Idol Slezak (who I’m talking to tomorrow by the way) convinced them not to with his plea in this week’s “Entertainment Weekly”…I think it’s great that Ruben lost so much weight, but he doesn’t even look like himself anymore…

9:07 Ryan talks to Ruben. It’s been seven years. He asks about losing the weight and brings over Big Mike for a comparison. Wow! Ruben and Clay are going on tour!!! HOLY CRAP!!! July-September!!! Oh I am so there…Love how Ryan said the Claymates would love it and Ruben said, “And the Ruben Studdard fans too.” Yeah. Nice try Ruben. Your fans are not Claymates…Break…

Alex Lambert Gets a Second Chance

Alex Lambert is getting a second chance…

After an online petition asking for his reinstatement to “Idol” garnered 20,000 signatures, 19 Entertainment (the company behind “Idol”) invited Alex to be a part of “If I Can Dream,” “Idol” guru Simon Fuller’s new online talent discovery platform.

From the press release: “America can watch on a live stream / as Alex takes his first step into his new home on Thursday, April 1st at 5PM PST/8PM EST for his move-in day. Moving to Hollywood and into the If I Can Dream house will give Alex the ultimate second shot at fulfilling his dreams. He will meet with top music managers and record labels and have the opportunity to perform in front of live audiences at clubs and venues in LA. His fans will be able to follow his every move and will be able to give Alex real-time feedback as he writes and tests out new songs on If I Can Dream."

You can see new episodes every Tuesday morning on or watch the 24/7 live stream at…

And as you can see from the photo, Alex has already changed one thing. The mullet is gone…

Photo Credit: 19 Entertainment

David Cook Travels to Ethiopia for "Idol Gives Back"

David Cook talked to the media today from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he visited Biruh Tesfa, a United Nations Foundation program.

David traveled with the United Nations Foundation to raise awareness about the importance of girls’ education for a segment that will run on this year’s “Idol Gives Back.”

“I’m really excited to come home and drive home what I’ve seen here” David told us.

I’ll have more from David on his Ethiopian experience tomorrow…

Photo Credit: Stuart Ramson/United Nations Foundation

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So Who's Going Home?

So who’s going home? I think we all know who it should be, but who will it be? I think the bottom three will be Didi, Tim and…Siobhan. But it’s Didi who will go home. “Teflon Tim,” my nemesis, will survive.

What do you think? Do you agree with my assessment or is there a surprise in store? Post a comment and let me know what you think…

Aaron Tries to Bring Out the "Sunshine"

Aaron Kelly, “Ain’t No Sunshine”: 18
The vocals were good, but he was a little stiff and you could tell he was a little too nervous to take Usher’s advice and show some more emotion. And I’m with Simon. That is Kris Allen’s song and will be until someone does it better. And I seriously doubt that will happen…

Wow! That recap didn’t do Siobhan any favors whatsoever…

Crystal Takes Us on That "Midnight Train"

Crystal Bowersox, “Midnight Train to Georgia”: 20+
20 just isn’t enough for that one. WOW! She could teach Siobhan a thing or two about high notes. That was AMAZING! That song has been done more than once on the Idol stage, but it will never be done any better. I LOVE her!!!

I do agree with Simon that she was uncomfortable with the piano and I TOTALLY agree that the backup singers were a distraction. But it was still unbelievable…

Lee Gets His Moment

Lee Dewyze, “Treat her Like a Lady”: 20
If Lee had some more confidence, he would have this competition wrapped up by now. That was absolutely his most confident performance yet. Maybe it helped to have Usher tell him how good he is. The ending ran out of steam a little, but this was super strong.

They cut him off, but I think Simon was going to say this was his moment. I think this really could be the night Lee’s life changed forever…

Katie Makes a "Chain"

Katie Stevens, “Chain of Fools”: 17
This was her most confident performance yet and also her most in key. But she was overwhelmed by the band and the backup singers which were both too loud. Could Kara actually be right about Katie singing R&B?

Did I just say that?

Andrew's Back Baby!

Andrew Garcia, “Forever”: 19
Andrew is back, baby. That was his best performance since the live shows started. But he’s got to open his eyes more. However, I’m sure Chris Brown appreciated it.

Ryan did you have to say “Straight Up”? AAAAHHHH!!!

And I’m sorry Mama Garcia—and Kara—Simon is right. It is about personality. And Andrew needs some…

Tim Tries Some "Sweet Love"

Tim Urban, “Sweet Love”: 14
Usher almost got Tim to show some real emotion. Almost. The eyes were just so glassy. He sang it well, but it sounded just a little too Broadway for me.

Wait a minute. Did Kara and I just use the same word? AAAAAHHH!!!

And Randy made a great point with actual singing. NICE!

I love that Simon acknowledged that Tim is the Sanjaya of this year’s competition—aka my nemesis. He’s right. I don’t think it will make any difference what he says. But I so love that he says it anyway.

Didi Gets Emotional

Didi Benami, “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?”: 15
I really like Didi and I thought I was going to like this, but it just didn’t quite work for me. The transitions to the chorus were really weak. And that weird yelling in the middle was a tad strange.

And a slam at the “Dancing With the Stars” singers? I love you Simon!!!

And the pimping continues as Ryan tries to force Didi to admit why that song made her emotional. So she auditioned for a specific reason and sang that song for someone. Hmmm…If she gets eliminated, that will be the first question someone asks on Thursday…

Michael Gets Us "Ready for Love"

Michael Lynche, “Ready for Love”: 19
That was a great choice and he did it very well. But I just can’t get over his cocky attitude.

And why do we need the swaybots (EW’s term for the people with the swaying hands) if Big Mike is not even on the main stage?

Casey Nails Some Sam & Dave

And now we’re showing the contestant’s reaction backstage? Could we find any other way to stall tonight?

Casey James, “Hold On I’m Comin’”: 19
I took off one point for a small lack of stage presence and he still hasn’t nailed the ending of a song, but Ellen was wrong. That was solid…

Ok. So let me get this straight. Siobhan was bad, but Ellen and Kara make her sound like she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. But Casey is outstanding and they completely criticize him? If it wasn’t for Simon, I would be seriously annoyed right now…

Okay. I am seriously annoyed, but Simon is helping keep me at least a little calm…

Siobhan Goes "Through the Fire"

So they tried something different with the intro this week, but apparently Simon didn’t get his directions. Apparently he was supposed to be kissing Ellen when Ryan walked by, but instead he just said “We’re making out.” Okay…

From the way they just walked out onto the stage, I’m thinking Kara would have rather been making out with Simon. Space, kids. Space…

I like Usher and everything but this is not the Ryan Seacrest Interview Show. THIS is “American Idol.” Let’s get to some singing…

Siobhan Magnus, “Through the Fire”: 15
This was a bad choice and she never got the pitch quite right. It was totally in the wrong key for her.

I know that we have to stall a lot to fill up these two hours. But did we need to take all that time for Ellen, Kara, Randy AND Ryan to pimp Siobhan? Didn’t they do that enough during the judges’ comments? Why couldn’t they just say it didn’t work out and move on? Thank goodness Simon told the truth. Man, am I going to miss him.

And where was that pimping for Lilly Scott or Katelyn Epperly or Alex Lambert? Maybe if there had been some we wouldn’t be reading headlines like “The New Idols: Why Can’t They Sing?” (on the cover of this week’s “Entertainment Weekly”)…

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Paige Miles: "You live and you learn"

Probably the thing that kept Paige Miles in the competition this long was her laryngitis and the sympathy that it garnered her. But according to her during her media conference call, her laryngitis is what eliminated her.

Here’s some of what she had to say…

On the judges’ influence on the voting: “The judges, obviously they have a certain amount of power over the voting public, but it also comes down to the performer delivering a good, solid performance. Tuesday night definitely wasn’t my best, and they ripped me for it. So, it really can go both ways because sometimes they’ll back up the person that the judges ripped apart if they feel that that person really delivered, but you never really know how America is going to vote…The best thing to do really is to just do yourself and do what makes you most comfortable because the judges can give mixed messages.”

On her voice problems: “It was bad last night. It wasn’t as bad as it is now of course. I’ve been struggling with laryngitis for over three weeks now. I have swollen vocal cords, and there’s a lot of inflammation and with us singing and rehearsing as much as we do, I had very little time for it to heal. So, it would basically get a little bit better, then I would have to sing again, and it would get worse again. So it’s tough when you’re in a singing competition and you have no voice, so that was a bummer. And, that affected my song choice at times because I would kind of stay away from what I would typically do like big tunes like “Alright Now,” which I love and I am super comfortable at, and I would kind of shy away and try to do something smaller in efforts to not like overtax my cords or do something where I could possibly damage them.”

On her choice of “Against All Odds,” a song that had been done on the show many times: “Actually, I hadn’t realized how many times it had been done. Actually, I was in rehearsals last week and was just trying to find a slower song that I wouldn’t have to stress vocally too much over because my vocal cords were pretty much trashed, and I didn’t want to do anything too up tempo and crazy. I was just trying to really take care of my vocal cords if I were to keep going, but I probably should have just picked something I was super comfortable with, which is something like “Alright Now” and just gone for it. But you live and you learn, and I was trying to make a decision for me and my health.”

On what she meant by losing herself in the song: “I guess vocally when I’m not 100% with my vocals, it was tough to find my way around it, trying to be in a range where I’m usually not comfortable. Because my total range wasn’t there, so just finding my place in the song, finding the meat in the song where I could really sink my teeth into it, I could never really grasp it, even in rehearsals. I just never was really able to grab it, in large part due to the fact of dealing with the laryngitis and it was just tough.”

On what she planned to do for R&B/soul for this week: “I was actually, it was a tossup between “Don’t Leave Me This Way” and “I Can’t Stand the Rain” by Tina Turner.”

On whether she thought she was going home: “I knew I had a poor performance Tuesday night, but I really didn’t think it was my time to go yet, so I was surprised.”

When one reporter tried to ask Paige why the theme was changed from Teen Idols Week to #1 Hits Week, the “Idol” publicist jumped in and said, “Paige doesn’t know the answer to that. If you can go to the next question, please.” Hmmm…

Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FOX

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jessica Alba and Honor Marie: Sunday Brunchers

Santa Monica, California Sunday morning the family, Jessica Alba, Cash Warren and Honor Marie was spotted having a nice bonding together. The family had a meal worth enjoying and a time to share memorable moments. The family shared laughter’s as they strolled around the city after which headed to a local eatery to have their midday meal.

Alba and Warren’s little angel are working to improve her walking skills. Perhaps Alba doesn’t want to miss the amazing feeling of seeing your child enjoying her practice to walk. The three was a picture of family who lives a simple life as ordinary and as enjoying as ordinary people does. They don’t mind paparazzi around.

The “Sin City” sweetie, Jessica was currently making her much awaited film entitled “Meet the Fockers”-sequel. This movie will hit theaters on December 22, 2010. Alba’s co-star on this film includes Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. Big stars for a big film, sure worth the waiting for. On the story, shows the Fockers and the Byrness families bracing themselves for the arrival of a baby.

Jessica Alba was an absolute star, I like her every acting to her every movie

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Top 11 Results: Did America Get It Right?

So did America get it right? Absolutely 100 percent yes they did. I just wish that they had gotten it right and sent Paige home after she butchered “Smile.” I have to wonder if Simon now regrets championing her as much as he did…

I disagree with Katie being in the bottom three over Andrew, but I appreciate America acknowledging that Katie was not as good as most of the judges thought she was…

So next week, it’s R&B soul. I’m betting Aaron is warming up one of those John Michael Montgomery/All-4-One songs right now.

As for the rest of them, I don’t even know what to say at this point. Actually I do, but I’m trying to stay at least a little positive…

Top 11 Results: And the Person Going Home Is...

Let me just say right now that based on performance, Paige deserves to go home. But I think you know that I would not be hurt at all if it was Tim…

9:54 We’re back…Paige and Tim stand next to Ryan…Tim puts his arm around Paige…Lights down…And it’s Paige…She hugs Tim…Ryan asks Simon for reaction and words of encouragement for Paige. Simon says that no matter how good her performance is, she’s going home. He then tells her to take herself back to where she was when they first met her. Ryan asks Simon if it’s unanimous and they all say that it is…Ryan asks Paige about her experience...Goodbye video rolls. I appreciate that they didn’t bother to even pretend that the judges were going to debate it and are just going to give Paige a decent goodbye…I notice that none of the other girls are crying…Man do I hope she doesn’t sing “Against All Odds”…Ryan thanks everyone and then introduces Paige. She does “Alright Now.” It’s better than “Odds,” but still a terrible choice…Still no tears from anyone. Is that because they’re happy to be on the tour or because of something else? Hmmm…The Idols slowly come up to her…

10:00 And we’re out…

Final thoughts in a moment...

Top 11 Results Show: Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato "Make a Wave"

9:46 We’re back…Ryan introduces Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas. They’re actually live…That short hair makes Joe Jonas look so skinny…I think they’re having some serious audio problems. Or maybe it’s all the screaming. Demi is having some problems…This is a seriously lame song. I know it’s a Disney thing, but still…And what an incredibly short song. Again, it’s a Disney thing, but still…Now let’s see if Joe can talk a little more than he did at the auditions…Ryan comments about Joe and Demi’s chemistry together…And no. Joe Jonas is just not meant to talk…Ryan asks him about putting Tim through in Dallas. He says “How’s it going?” and then quickly adds “I guess it’s not going too well if you’re over there.”…Thank goodness he’s pretty…Break…

Top 11 Results Show: The Third Member of the Bottom Three Is...

9:34 We’re back…“Idol Gives Back” plug…Four weeks from tonight…Ryan introduces computer program where people can do their part…Tim and Paige on stools…Ryan says everyone on top row is safe, which does include Casey and Lee. I’m guessing he forgot…Bottom row…Lights down…Aaron…What is up with that shirt?...He is safe…But if he has tonsillitis won’t he have to have surgery sometime?...Didi…Ryan asks if she got frustrated by last night. She says it’s confusing and directly addresses the judges telling them that she has no idea what they want from her…Simon tells her that he thinks she overthinks it. He says she needs to just pick a good song and sing it. She frustratingly tells him she can’t hear him and Simon says he’ll tell her afterward. Ryan asks them to turn the speakers up…She’s safe…Michael…Safe, of course…Crystal…That would leave Katie and Andrew…Ryan asks about guitar debate and who she listens to. Crystal says “me” and Simon laughs and claps. I LOVE HER!!!...She’s safe…Katie and Andrew stand…Ryan asks Katie about the pop vs. country debate and she says she’s leaning toward Kara and the R&B/pop vibe…Ryan asks Andrew about Simon’s comments. He says, “That’s mean, man”…Andrew says he disagrees with the judges that he doesn’t know who he is as an artist. He says he loves his acoustic. So why didn’t he do something acoustic last night?...Katie is in bottom three. What? Andrew is safe…I don’t think Katie is going home, though. Is she?...Ryan is going to send one person back to safety…And it’s…Katie. No big shock there. I’m guessing the vote between her and Andrew was close…Tim and Paige in bottom two…Break…

Top 11 Results Show: Miley Takes the Stage

9:24 We’re back…iTunes plug…Ryan announces the theme is R&B soul with guest mentor Usher…Ryan introduces Miley Cyrus to sing “When I Look at You,” which she is doing at the piano…Wow, what a tough song to sing live. They couldn’t have lowered the key for her?...Miley gets up from the piano. Um, what was even the point?...Okay what was with the headbanging?...I was about to write that this is what Simon meant by having a moment and then the headbanging started…And why didn’t she pause after that last note instead of just saying “thank you.” She kind of cut herself off…Billy Ray in the audience…Miley says that was her first standing ovation…Ryan asks how the Idols did last night. She says she loved the knee slide…She says that the judges are just offering tough love. She says she couldn’t handle it...Was it just me or did she come off pretty mature there?...Break…

Top 11 Results Show: Ryan Completely Confuses Me and Everyone Else

9:10 We’re back...Ford commercial…”Our Time Now”…The Idols are driving around a fountain…They get out and put plastic balls in it and play around in them…They all get back in the cars, but they leave Andrew behind…Ryan reminds us that the person getting eliminated tonight will not make the tour…Ryan asks Casey about his rehearsal where he completely messed up the song…Ryan points out Siobhan’s boss, who has vowed not to shave until she wins. The girl who looks like she’s bleeding is sitting next to him. She’s made up to be a zombie, because they call themselves SioZombies…Ryan asks Katie about her dad hanging out across the street instead of being at the results show…Ryan shows video of Mike carrying his daughter and asks about them not living together right now. Mike says that his wife has an apartment nearby…

9:15 Ryan looking for bottom three for urinal stools…Lights down…Siobhan stands…Ryan asks her about relying on her scream. She said she wanted to pull it out one more time for such an important week…Ryan does a great fakeout by telling Siobhan she has to pack her go on the tour…Siobhan is safe…Lee and Casey stand…Uh-oh…Ryan asks Randy, Ellen and Kara if they still thought they were right and Simon was wrong about Casey’s performance. Could Casey be in bottom three?...Ryan has Tim and Paige stand together…Maybe one pair is in bottom three? I have no idea what he’s doing now…Ryan asks Tim if he would do anything differently and he says no…Ryan asks Paige what went wrong. She says she lost herself in the song…Ryan asks Randy whether Tim or Paige is in the bottom three…Randy says Paige. Ryan says Randy is right. Paige is in bottom three…And so is Tim…Ryan walks them over to the stools. He then starts throwing it to the break without saying anything to Lee and Casey. It sounded like someone said something to him about that and he glanced over at them but still threw it to commercial. Did he just forget or is one of them in the bottom three? I’M SO CONFUSED…But so happy that America is right so far. But I think we all know that Tim will survive. And based on last night, he actually should…Break…

Top 11 Results Show: Don't "Wake Me Up" Just "Go Go"

Man, do I love me some “Human Target”…

If only “Idol” would offer the same excitement…

8:59 Dramatic intro video with weird music box music…Now the red graphics…“Another Idol will fall”…This looks more like a “24” promo than an “Idol” intro…

9:01 The audience laughs when Randy’s face is frozen on screen for Ryan’s “THIS,” which someone (Randy, I think) once again stepped on…Theme…

9:02 Who is the girl in the audience they keep showing that looks like she’s bleeding?...Ryan thanks everyone for their votes but does not say how many votes there were. I’m guessing the votes are down…Ryan reminds us about the Judges’ Save which expires at the Top 5…

9:03 Oh lord! I knew the group sing would be back. It’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.” The voices are so fake, I think I heard some vocoder on Tim’s voice…I think Casey forgot what part he was supposed to be lip synching…This is SO lame…Crystal and Didi look like they’re making fun of the whole thing…Gee wonder why we never see Simon’s reaction to those things…Break…

Kristen Stewart's Secret Night Out

Kristen Stewart, 19-year old, “Runaways” and “Twilight” star spend a dinner at La Vida with her parents and some family friends. The dinner is enjoying because Kristen finally escaped paparazzi. La Vida is the newest spot at L.A. Kristen group was on their regular table next to the fireplace in the main dining room, which means they dinned a lot here.

According to the story of our source, Kristen enjoyed a two hour dinner with no interruptions, no paparazzi and no fans that spoils the night. “No one approached our table or came up to Kristen”

Perfect time for family bonding, Kristen clan never worries for interruptions, well maybe if situation permits sure the family must use to it, because they have a star family member.

Part of their meal includes tuna ceviche, crispy malamari and flat iron steak sofrito. For their dessert, it’s a peanut butter and jelly mouse.
Kristen doesn’t hesitate to reveal her true self. She enjoyed the dinner with no problems chewing down.

Robert is currently busy doing his “Bel Ami” at Europe, yeah Kristen should better be happier if Robert was present, but perhaps they will find some time to spend a dinner in the future.

Miley Cyrus: Toluca Lake Cruisin' Cutie

The “Climb” cutie, Miley Cyrus wearing simple stonewashed jeans and v-neck white shirts was taken a shot while heading to Toluca Lake, California. Pictures were taken on Monday (March 15). To complete her attire Miley wears plenty of accessories which match her attire.

So much of her projects, Miley find some time to relax while loaded schedule.

Miley spends her day cruising around the town showing her new Mercedes, Absolutely something to be proud of. She happily ran errands while strolling around,at least enjoying the day even without her current boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

Miley admitted on recent interview that her mom has a crush on her 19-year old boyfriend. She stated “I don’t know who had a bigger crush on him at the beginning, my mom or me. I was like ‘No, maybe he’s just too pretty. I don’t want to be with someone who’s better looking than me. That’s like awkward”. Oh no Cyrus you shouldn’t feel awkward, as a matter of fact you two look compatible together, and you look good to each other.

Everybody was waiting for her next appearance whether MTV or movie. Fans of Miley say they love Miley and Liam together.

Cheryl Burke and Chad Ochocinco: Miami Dinner Date

Riding with an orange sports car, Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Buke was spotted roaming around the city, and stopping to a local restaurant to take a little bite.

On Miami Sunday evening (March 14), the two was having a nice time getting to know each other, and perhaps to take a little break after time loaded for their dancing duties. Well technically they already know each other as everyone’s know they were just making themselves closer to each other. Spending a relax time with your each other wasn’t bad at all.

In related issues Burke opens up that Chad told her “He told me to stop complimenting him because he wants tough love, so that’s what I’m giving”

In addition Chad tells, “We are exactly alike when it comes to dancing—even though I don’t dance. But we have the same goals, and that’s winning”

No doubt the couple was good partners as we see, and they make a nice dancing chemistry. They sure were to give their best on dancing to win. With the same goals gears their desire to make performance a lot more like winners.

The new season of “Dancing with the Stars” kicks off on ABC beginning March 22nd.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So Who's Going Home?

So who’s going home? There is absolutely ZERO question as to who should and that’s Paige. But you might remember I said that about her before when she butchered “Smile.” However, since she was in the bottom two last week, I think it will actually happen this week.

So who will join her in the bottom three? It should be Andrew and Tim. But I think there’s a distinct possibility Didi might find her way in there as well.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with my assessment about who’s going home? And do you agree that this could possibly be one of the worst Idol tours in the show’s history?

Siobhan Screams Us Out

Siobhan Magnus, “Superstition”: 15
I am SO over her screaming. I think she missed them all tonight, but maybe that’s just me (and Simon). There was too much band, especially when she was doing the softer verse at the beginning. And that was SO not worth the pimp spot.

Was Didi "No Good"?

Didi Benami, “You’re No Good”: 15
I think this was a really bad choice because it made her voice sound bad. Those facial expressions were crazy and she was so worried about coming down the stairs in the beginning that she almost looked drunk. And that arrangement didn’t help her any.

Casey Goes "Back to the Future"

Casey James, “The Power of Love” 17
I loved his song choice and I loved the horns on the upper level. But I think he needed to ditch the guitar. I hate that he has to end every song with that annoying guitar strumming. I think he should’ve ended it by singing the last phrase a cappella. And he’s still having trouble with the ends of phrases.

And Ellen. Best vocal of the night? WHAT?! Did you not hear Crystal?

And Simon. I think you need to go back and listen to some Huey Lewis. He did plenty different. It has me wondering why some country artist hasn’t covered that one already.

Katie Does Fergie

Katie Stevens, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”: 12
Sorry. I just didn’t get it. I thought it was a bad song choice. I thought the bridge was really creative when she changed up the melody to get back to the chorus but she missed it.

And did Simon say “it’s like chalk and cheese”? Huh?

Andrew Gets Punchy

Andrew Garcia, “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”: 12
Instead of pitchy, I would say Andrew was punchy. What was up with the way he was hitting those syllables? Miley was right about him losing the guitar but he was practically sleepwalking up there (You could tell she didn’t like it either.). I was really hoping that for Teen Idol Week he would do “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” That would’ve worked for this theme too.

And Kara said “Straight Up.” AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Michael Shows Us Some Love

Michael Lynche, “When a Man Loves a Woman” 17
Yes, I know it was pretty much pitch perfect, but I just can’t get past the cockiness. The dramatic pause in the middle when he held that glory note was WAY too much.

Mama Sox Rocks It Again

Crystal Bowersox, “Me and Bobby McGee”: 20
Seriously. Could we just end this now please? I LOVE HER!!! I was also impressed to see the way she interacted with the judges and Ryan. I think she’s getting more comfortable. And I don’t know what was more impressive about her time with Miley. The fact that she actually let Miley sign her guitar, or that Miley actually gave her good advice.

Aaron Suprises Even Me

Aaron Stevens, “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”: 18
I’m over this song, but there’s no doubt that Aaron chose exactly the right song. All you needed to do was hear the girls’ screams to know that. You could hear the problems in his voice coming through but it was still almost pitch perfect.

Oh Ryan. You had to make the David Archuleta comparison didn’t you?

Tim Goes "Crazzzzzzzz...

Tim Urban, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”: 12
My “Idol” nemesis strikes again. You know that slide across that stage got him a couple hundred more votes. But the performance was SO boring! And you could see him walking to his marks.

And Kara. Don’t insult Zac Efron by making that comparison…

And Simon is going to rip out the “frustrated” word very soon…

Paige Pulls Out An "Idol" Groaner

Paige Miles, “Against All Odds”: 8
GROAN! This is one of those songs that should be banned from the Idol stage, so I had to give her a 0 in Song Choice. Honestly, the second verse and last chorus wasn’t all that bad, so why didn’t she go there sooner? I think Miley made her first mentoring mistake of the night by telling Paige that her soft voice was so powerful. A good mentor would have told her to go to the power notes sooner.

Top 11: Lee Writes Us a "Letter"

Did anybody else find Ryan’s face on the screen behind the Idols incredibly creepy? And what is that flowing shirt Simon’s wearing? Is his fiancĂ© changing the way he dresses?

This week, the Idols are not only competing to survive, but they are also competing for that all important spot on the “Idol” tour, which comes with a pretty nice paycheck…

WOW! We are seriously stalling tonight, aren’t we?...

Okay, I know that Miley Cyrus has local ties and all that, but does anyone else think it’s wrong for her to mentor the Idols on #1 Hits week when she’s only had one #1 song?...And a lifetime of experience? Wow, that’s seriously pushing it…It would make more sense for Teen Idols Week. Still would love to know why the change…

Finally, let’s get this thing started…

Lee DeWyze, “The Letter”: 15
I said in my column today that I thought the Idols should go with older songs as opposed to more current ones, but Lee doesn’t have the stage presence to pull of a jazzy song like this one. And the beat just seemed totally off for some reason. I know the judges (except Simon) loved it, but I thought it was totally pitchy.

Has “Idol” taken sides in Conan vs. Jay?

Some of you may have noticed that Lacey Brown, the first Idol cut from the Top 12, appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman” last night. She performed a snippet of “Over the Rainbow” and took some ribbing from Dave and Paul.

According to Ken Tucker at, the booted contestants will appear on “Letterman” every Monday after their elimination.

Which brings up an immediate question. Why not “The Tonight Show”? For at least the past four seasons that I know of, Jay has welcomed the “Idol” castoffs to his show for a silly comedy bit the night after they’re voted off. And he has been the first late night appearance of the winner. So why the change?

Could “Idol” be choosing sides in Conan vs. Jay?

After all, this development comes on the heels of “The Hollywood Reporter” reporting that Conan was offered a part in “Idol Gives Back” by 19 Entertainment (He can’t participate, though, because NBC won’t allow him to break their agreement that he cannot appear on TV before May 1st.).


You can see Lacey’s appearance here.

Lacey Brown: "I'm very proud to be where I'm at"

When Lacey Brown was eliminated Wednesday night, she took it completely in stride, showing a lot of class in the process. She showed that same class in her media conference call last week…

Here’s some of what she had to say…

On whether the judges’ conflicting advice kept America from seeing what kind of an artist she is: “It’s difficult with the criticism that you hear because it has been a little bit confusing and, therefore, I would change things week-to-week, which can leave the audience kind of questioning who I am.

I would say, I’m a very different artist. I have a very different voice that’s not suited for a lot of different genres, but I really see myself doing more of like a pop folk mix of an album. I definitely can see myself making an album soon. I would love to do that if I get the chance to. And, you know, I just want to give people the chance to hear something that’s fresh and new and different.

There are not a lot of voices like mine right now on the radio, so I kind of take pride in the fact that I’m a lot different. I’ve always been a little bit more unique and individual, and I just try to embrace that and try to show that in my performances. So hopefully people can get that, and hopefully they like it, and so I’m looking forward to writing some new music that fits my voice and that people really like.”

On whether she had a sense of peace about being eliminated: “Yes. It’s really strange because I woke up yesterday morning and had the strangest feeling that I was going home. I hadn’t been tipped off by anything, hadn’t read anything, but really talked to a few of the other constants and just said, look. I’m going home, and they were like no, Lacey. You’re crazy. Why would you go home? Out of everybody here, why would you go home? And they were really supportive and really sweet, but I – something about it was just something was off, and so it wasn’t that I had made peace with it. I think I had just gotten used to it, you know.

It’s a hard thing to hear. But when you’re there in that moment, after you sing, you’re not in control of anything. And so it’s been a shocker every week who goes home sometimes and who stays sometimes instead of another person. That’s just the nature of the show. So it wasn’t a shocker, but it also came as like a realization; the reality of the fact was just a little overwhelming."

On whether it was harder getting eliminated the second time around: “You know, honestly it was hard both times because I wanted to get further last year, and I wanted to get further this year. They were equally hard. I will say hard is different from overwhelming. I’ve obviously gotten to the top 12. I’m in the number 12 spot in America right now as far as American Idol goes, and that is not a bad place to be in.

So was it hard? Yes. It was emotional, but I’m very happy with my spot. I’m very proud to be where I’m at. And I wish I could have gotten a little bit further, but as far as it being hard or easy, I don’t think that’s a decision I’m trying to make right now. It’s just been a blast up to this point, and I’m just really excited to be where I’m at right now.”

On what her downfall was: “You know, I would probably have to say energy. I think they kept asking for energy in my songs, and I kept trying to give it, and they kept trying to say, you know, it was a sleepy performance. They wanted to see a little bit more energy because I’m a happy and a lovely type of personality, and they just wanted to see that transferred into my music. The issue that I was having is, I really love to sing ballads. I love telling a story with a song. I love the emotion of the song. I’m very artsy, so that side of me comes out when I sing.

And so I think I kept picking songs that I really loved to sing and really felt, and maybe it didn’t transfer as well stage wise. And so maybe that was it, but I wouldn’t have changed any of it because that's who I am. Even though I’m a bubbly happy person, not every song that I sing is going to be up-tempo or, you know what I mean. If I could say anything, I would say possibly that. I’m not really sure, but even if it is, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.”

On how to handle being voted off: “There’s two different approaches that you can take to this being voted off. You can be happy with the situation and make the most of it, which is the route I’m trying to take. I haven’t put my focus on anything negative going on. I don’t sense that or do I think that anything, you know, anything like that was happening. This is a reality show, and this is a show that someone has to go home every week, and the fan base is very, very, very important. And I think it has been a shocker sometimes, but that’s just the nature, you know, of the beast that is American Idol. It’s how the show rolls. So, no, I think someone has got to go home every week, and if it’s you, then it’s you, and it’s out of your hands at that moment.”

On whether Melanie Safka’s version of “Ruby Tuesday” influenced her version: “You know, I definitely listened to her version, and there was a little bit of her arrangement that we tried to mix into my arrangement, but I definitely tried also to put a new spin on the song, so I don’t think my arrangement was exactly like anybody else’s. In fact, I know it wasn’t like anybody else’s. But there were some melody lines that I liked that she did a whole lot, so yes and no at the same time.

And I don’t think, if I had to do it over again, I would have done it more closer to the Rolling Stones side because I really loved the arrangement, and this is why I played violin for a long time growing up. And when I decided to put the quartet down on the stage with me and have that type of a symphony flow through the song, I was totally digging it and super happy with it. So there’s a lot that goes into arranging the song, and so I tried to make it as close to something that I would put on an album as possible. And so, if I had to do it again, I would do it the exact same way, but I definitely had a couple of different influences with the melody line.”

On what she worked on between last season and this season: “There were a couple technical issues with my voice because it’s a little bit different and there are not a lot of people that sound like me. I needed to go home and figure out what kind of songs worked for my voice because, you know, I tried out last year with a Patsy Cline song, and then I tried Joni Mitchell’s ‘Big Yellow Taxi,’ and different things like that, that seemed to work, but I needed to find more songs like those. I went home immediately afterwards and worked on learning as many songs that were great for my voice as possible, and singing them wherever I could, you know, as much as possible.

Also, I wanted to work on technical things like my falsetto and just different singer things, singer lingo that, you know, I think everyone should try to grow. There’s big artists that you see and hear all the time on the radio or on TV that have vocal coaches, so I definitely know that even when you make it, you’ve still got to grow, so I just made sure that I was doing that, working on my voice.”

Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FOX

Monday, March 22, 2010

Breaking News: Mentor and Theme Change Announced

So Miley Cyrus will be mentoring the Idols this week. Makes sense for Teen Idol Week, right? Only according to the press release from FOX, that is no longer the theme…

From the release: “Miley Cyrus will appear as a guest mentor on AMERICAN IDOL and help the Top 11 finalists prepare for their performances on a Billboard No.1 Hits-themed show.”

Why the change? I have no idea, but I’m on it…

Miley will perform her new single from her new movie, “The Last Song,” called “When I Look At You” on Thursday’s results show. Also performing Thursday are Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas, who will sing their new single, “Make A Wave.”

So we kept all the teen idol performers but changed the theme. Okay…

UPDATE: I asked the folks at FOX to clarify the theme and asked why there was a change. I was told--in a pretty short manner--that it was indeed Billboard #1 hits. I was not given a reason for the change. I'm guessing it had something to do with clearance issues and because ther performances were already booked/taped, they had to keep those...

In their defense, I'm guessing they were pretty short with me because they've been getting plenty of questions about it today from reporters who are on deadline, or, like me, had already turned in their stuff. Thankfully, I have awesome editors to take care of that stuff for me...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top 12 Results Show: Did America Get It Right?

So did America get it right? You’d think that since I was 100% sure it was Lacey going home that I would say yes. But that was a prediction not a wish. If America had gotten it completely right it would have been Tim or Paige—or even Andrew—going home. Lacey had talent, she just never really showed it off.

However, since I was so hard on America last week, I have to give them props this week for getting the bottom three pretty close to perfect. Although I’m a little concerned that this will just rally Tim’s faithful to vote for him harder next week.

So what do you guys think? Did America get it right? And are we finally starting to feel it for Season Nine? And how awesome was it that there was no group number. I hope that continues…

And the Person Going Home Is...

9:54 We’re back. Ryan will need to make this quick…Lights down…Paige and Lacey…Ok so much for making it quick as Ryan talks to Randy…Lacey looks sure it’s her. And so am I…And it is as she shakes her head that she knew it…Paige is safe…They’re going to let her sing a different song from last night. NICE! She does “The Story”…This is good, but they’re not going to save her…Randy and Simon look like they’re debating but I think they’re just telling jokes…

9:58 That was good, but…Simon delivers the verdict that it was unanimous that they will not be using it. She’s totally cool with it…Katie is in tears…Lacey waves at the judges. That is a classy exit…Goodbye video…Contestants surround her for hugs. Her mother blows her kisses. Ryan gives her a thumbs up, but says nothing…

10:00 And we’re out…

Final thoughts in a moment…

Top 12 Results Show: "Blah Blah Blah"

9:47 We’re back…Ryan introduces Ke$ha to do “Blah Blah Blah”…She’s on tape…She’s singing in front of a bunch of people with TVs on their heads…Sorry. I just don’t get this song. Loved “Tik Tok” but…3OH!3 is there with her...After they’re done with their part, she comes out in an Indian headdress and war paint. Huh? I can hear the complaints now…Ryan, Paige and Lacey act like they’re looking at Ke$ha as Ryan thanks her for coming (Of course she’s not there)…Ryan says that Paige and Lacey are roommates. The two guys and two girls eliminated last week were roommates. Only one of these is going home, but still…Break…

Top 12 Results Show: And the Bottom Three Are...

9:34 We’re back…Ryan recaps Paige and Tim on stools as bottom three. And top row is safe…Lights down…Didi stands…safe…Crystal…This should be good news…Ryan gives her another chance to defend herself concerning whether she has it in the bag. She thanks Simon again for saying it but says again she never thought it. She says she’s not being arrogant…Simon smiles at her…Kudos to the show for giving her the opportunity to defend herself. They clearly want her around…Safe…Katie…You know she’s safe. That’s going to leave Casey and Lacey because you know Mike’s safe…Ryan asks Kara if she still thinks she has a chance to win. She kind of backtracks…I just realized that Kara and Randy have switched places at the Judges Table…Kara tells her she should do more R&B. Simon says more country, which totally illustrates Ryan’s point about the judges’ conflicting advice…Mike…He says he’s here for the people. SO cocky…safe…

9:41 And as I predicted that leaves Casey and Lacey. Got to be Lacey…And it is Lacey as Ryan brings her to center stage…Tim and Paige join her…America got it SO right this week…Ryan asks Ellen if one of them is worth the Save tonight. She won’t commit. The answer is no, Ellen…Simon says one of them is worth saving…Going back to safety is…Tim…I KNEW America wouldn’t send him home. But he’s shocked…So who was Simon referring to? My guess is Paige since he has always championed her…Break…

Top 12 Results Show: Orianthi Rocks It

9:26 We’re back…Ryan is sitting with Paige and Tim…Ryan is introducing Orianthi to sing “According to You”…She’s got the wind machine working…She’s good with the guitar, but not always so much with the singing…I thought she was the chick who played guitar for Michael Jackson in “This Is It.” She is awesome…Break…

Top 12 Results Show: America Is On Fire!

9:13 We’re back…Ryan says “we could be in for some excitement”…Ford commercial…“Tick Tick Boom”…The Idols are driving around throwing paint balls at each other…That wasn’t too bad, as far as those go…Casey says he wasn’t in the shoot because he had the flu…Video about Idols creating custom Ford Fiesta graphics…Let’s move on kids…I sense a giveaway…Yep, sure enough. Go to…

9:16 Three urinal stools reserved for bottom three…Lights down…Paige stands…She’s in the bottom three. Nice! I thought she’d get some sympathy…Lee stands…That’s got to mean he’s safe…And he is. Yea! Simon is happy…Siobhan Magnus…Ryan asks if Siobhan has the potential to break out like Adam Lambert. She is NOT the next Adam…Siobhan is safe, of course…

9:19 Aaron…safe…Andrew and Tim stand…I’m guessing one of them is in bottom three. Would LOVE for it to be Tim, but I’m sure it’s Andrew…Kara says “yikes” for both of their performances and that she is comfortable with either of them leaving…And it’s Tim in the bottom three. YES! Yea America!...Break…

Top 12 Results Show: David Cook Represents for the Stones

The weekly tickdown of the Top 12 begins tonight. Let’s do this…

8:59 Dramatic video intro showing audition and Hollywood moments and set to “Dream, Dream, Dream”…Alrighty then…How many times do we have to see Kara crying at Big Mike?...Where was the THIS? Did someone forget?...

9:02 Ryan comes from the back of the audience…St. Patrick’s Day lighting. Whatever…Ryan intros the judges…Simon asks Ryan about his aggressive behavior last night. Simon asks Ryan if he wants his job because it felt like an audition…Ryan asks him about the Judges’ Save. Did anyone know they were doing that this year? Maybe I’m just seriously behind…

9:05 Ryan introduces David Cook who is representing for the Rolling Stones tonight doing “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.” Does this mean no group number? Please, please, please…He is awesome, of course…Man, this guy needs a new radio-friendly single…Ryan asks about second album and David says he’s really excited about it…Ryan says he’s going to Africa for Idol Gives Back. He is such a sweetie…We’re going bottom three…After the break…

The Top 12 Performance Show: Taking On the Rolling Stones

Last night, the Top 12 took to the big stage. A place where the stairs are even scarier. Where rhythmless people are forced to sway aimlessly. And the judges are apparently contractually obligated to walk out to a cheesy announcer intro…

Here’s the rundown…

Michael Lynche, “Miss You”: 18
It was a good choice, but he is SO cocky, which he showed by doing a few too many vocal acrobatics.

And Kara, stop saying Mick Jagger was. He’s not dead…

Didi Benami, “Play With Fire”: 18
It might have been just a tad on the blah side, but Didi showed everyone how you work a camera. And her recovery after nearly botching her lyrics showed real poise.

Casey James, “It’s All Over Now”: 16
It was okay, but I just found the whole thing a little cheesy. And Casey still has that problem with the ends of phrases. But that super sappy intro video will score him major points.

And Ryan, don’t stomp on Ellen’s jokes. That “people like me” joke needed no elaboration…

Lacey Brown, “Ruby Tuesday”: 14
I can’t really explain why, but I just didn’t like this. The orchestra was great, but she really needs to stop sitting every time. Her intro video may have scored her a few points, though, since it revealed she’s a pastor’s daughter and church singer.

And I loved what her dad said. “If you remain shy, you’ll miss your destiny”…

Andrew Garcia, “Gimme Shelter”: 12
The verses were okay, but the chorus was really weak. But the biggest problem was that he had no connection to the song. And the band was weirdly too quiet.

And yeah. What do you know Ellen? That was not good. And Simon said “Straight Up.” AAAAHHHHH!!! I am so sick of hearing those two words when it comes to Andrew…

Katie Stevens, “Wild Horses”: 15
This was her best performance so far because she finally picked a song that showcased her voice. And notice that her intro video made sure to show her grandmother.

And kudos to Simon for working in a Susan Boyle mention…

Tim Urban, “Under My Thumb”: 13
Honestly, it doesn’t matter what he sings because I am not going to like it. I am SO over him. But after I went back and listened to the original, I realized that no, it did not work. Even Ryan didn’t like it.

But I have to say that I felt bad for him hearing his parents remember how people used to call him a cute girl because of his long hair…

Siobhan Magnus, “Paint It Black”: 17
Am I the only person that doesn’t love it when she screams? I always think they’re a little off. I do like that she just ignores the judges and does her own thing. But I wonder. Is the reason she doesn’t get nervous because she can’t see anyone?

And Kara, Siobhan is not the next Adam Lambert just because she screams. Adam had charisma. Siobhan is WAY too stiff on the stage…

Lee DeWyze, “Beast of Burden”: 19
What were the judges listening to? I thought this was really good. If I had been home, I would’ve voted for him…

Paige Miles, “Honky Tonk Woman”: 14
This just didn’t work for me because I thought it sounded like she was trying to outsing the backup singers (who are really good this year). But Ellen did a HUGE favor bringing up her laryngitis because it made the performance sound better than it actually was.

Aaron Kelly, “Angie”: 17
Although a little blah, this was Aaron’s best performance so far as Rascal Flatts met The Rolling Stones. Kudos to Aaron for finding an emotional Stones song recorded by a country artist (Sammy Kershaw). But his hair was a mess.

Crystal Bowersox, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”: 20
Can’t we just cue the confetti now? No, it wasn’t my favorite either, but it was pitch perfect. The good news is that Crystal got a lot of help to combat those people who think she’s being cocky. Her intro video was heartfelt and she showed some personality when she handled Simon’s “you came out here the favorite” argument beautifully. And she sweetly displayed her momento for Lilly. My concern is that the pimp spot will jinx her like it did Lilly.

So who’s going home? Well I’ve done a lousy job at this so far this season, but I am 100% positive that it will be Lacey. When you watched the recap, her performance didn’t stand out at all. It was blah and pitchy in places. If there is a bottom two, I think she’ll be joined by Andrew. If there’s a bottom three, I would add Lee or possibly Crystal.

You’ll notice that I didn’t mention Tim Urban. That’s because I’ve decided he’s pretty much bulletproof…

Tonight, Ke$ha will perform her current hit, “Blah Blah” and Orianthi will perform her single, “According to You.” Ryan said that David Cook will also be on the show. No idea what he will perform, but he is always welcome…

See you in a couple of hours…

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tonight's Show

Tonight for the first time in who knows when, I will miss a performance show of “American Idol.” But I hope you guys can find it in your heart to forgive me, because I think it’s for a pretty good reason…

The Shawnee State Women’s Basketball Team is in the National Championship tonight and a large group of us fans are gathering to watch it.

In the meantime, you can see my ranking of the Top 12 here.

And I’ll give you my comments of tonight’s performances the first chance I get. Feel free to post your comments in the meantime…

Go Bears!

Alex Lambert: "I don't regret anything"

When Alex Lambert talked to the media on his conference call, he was still a little shell shocked. But he also seemed ready to conquer his fears and take over the music world.

Here’s some of what he had to say…

On what he meant when he said he had much more to show: “Well, when I said I want to break out of my shell and show America what I can do, like, man, honestly every time I got up there I couldn’t even sing my best because I was so nervous. I have a whole other series of songs that I can sing that sound so much better than what I sing on the show. I don’t regret anything because this is like the beginning of my career. I have never really been on stage before so I think I did great for like how good I did for not having any experience.”

On getting past his nerves: “Yes, I mean I feel like I’m already past it and I feel like I just needed a few more weeks to just have a little bit more experience on that stage because it wasn’t a nerve thing because I would get up there and I would be like comfortable and it felt right, but I didn’t know how to look at the cameras, I didn’t know how to react with the audience because I had never done it before so definitely it’s something I’ll easily be able to get past.”

On what the judges said to him after his elimination: “Well, they talked to me and they pretty much told me that I need more experience and it’s true and stuff, but I don’t know, I felt like vocally it was my time, but I didn’t have enough experience on the stage and that’s pretty much what they were telling me. They all know I have a good voice and they tell me I have a lot of future ahead of me.”

On Ellen’s banana analogy: “Well, I mean I know it’s all for entertainment and stuff, but it does make sense. I guess I probably won’t be able to look at a banana the same.”

On his problems performing: “I would say it was all me, like the only person that was going to help me overcome my stage fright and my nervousness was me and it was all in my head. I mean, I could have gone up there and had a great performance, but in my head I was thinking to nail the song vocally and I wasn’t really worried about performing.

I guess I never thought that the show was so much of like a performing show as a singing competition and I had it in my head so much like I want my vocals to be so much better than everyone else’s and I guess I lost track of the fact that it was like a television show.”

On what happened during the commercial break that was so intense: “No, a lot of people were talking to me. And, yes, it was emotional pretty much because a lot of people weren’t expecting the people that went home to go home. There’s people on the Top 12 everyone thought was going home and then when they found out it was me, like, that whole day I was nervous and people were like, dude, why are you nervous? You have no reason to be nervous. You’re going to be here.

Then, when I got cut they were just like, what? And a lot of people that were upset were like I made it and he didn’t?”

On his lack of experience: “Before American Idol I had performed at a few coffee shops. The most people that ever showed up was probably like 40 people and most of the people there were my friends and my family. So, I don’t have any experience singing in front of people that I don’t know, so that was like the main problem for me.

But I feel like if I had more experience like the sky’s the limit for me.”

On whether he’d cut his mullet: “The stylists had already asked me if I wanted to cut it and even if they did tell me; yes, they probably would want me to cut it, but I wouldn’t let them ever cut my mullet.”

On the moment of his elimination: “It was an emotional moment. I wasn’t expecting to go home and a lot of people weren’t expecting me to go home, so I think it was just like such a shock that the four people that went home that night, no one thought that they were going to go home. There were four other people that everyone had in mind and probably six other people that people had in mind before us, so I think that was what made everybody so emotional.”

Photo Credit: Frank Micelotta/FOX

Todrick Hall: "I was true to myself"

Eliminated “Idol” contestants use their media conference call in a number of different ways. To talk to their fans, to vent about the judges, or in Todrick Hall’s case, to campaign for a gig on one of TV’s hottest shows.

Here’s some of what she had to say…

On what he wants to do next: “Well, listen, I’m making it my personal job now to be my own campaign manager to get myself a role on Glee. I think I would be perfect for that show and so every time somebody asks me what I’m doing now I’m just telling everyone that I would love, love, love to be the next cast member on Glee.

And I didn’t even think about campaigning for that until they said the other night, Simon said, “Well, you look like you are doing American Idol the musical.” And then Randy chimed in and said, “Glee.” And I was like, actually, I think I would love to be on Glee. It’s the perfect show for me and that’s the reason I came on American Idol to hopefully take this platform and do something else with it.”

On whether being a dancer hurt him: “No, it did come in handy for the performing aspect, but actually that kind of like hindered me. I was always so frustrated during the rehearsals because I’d be like, 'Come on, guys, left, right, left, right.' And then I had to be like, Todrick, they’re not dancers. So that was kind of one of the things that I had to kind of let my dance background go and realize that this is not that; we’re in a singing competition.

And I actually think that being a dancer and announcing that and announcing that I was on Broadway could have potentially hurt me and might be part of the reason why I’m not on the show any more.

[W]hen people know certain things about you it’s kind of hard to shake those things. But I just told someone today that I feel if Lady Gaga, who is one of the most successful artists out right now, if she was on American Idol I don’t think that they would have good things to say about here because to a certain extent I think that they do want you to be out of the box, but they kept telling me that I was changing things to much.”

On his good performance his final week and his other song choices: “Well, you know, I feel like I should have done that a couple of weeks earlier. The problem is, I’m an African American male, as you all could tell from watching me on TV and a lot of people expected me to sing, you know, I got so many messages saying sing Usher, sing Chris Brown, sing Ne-Yo, Brian McKnight, Stevie Wonder; any Black artist basically that you can sing because that’s your demographic.

But that’s not the kind of music that I want to sing. So, I’m happy that I stayed true to myself, but I kind of sadly feel that if I had just sung the cookie cutter songs that people would have expected me to do and not gone so far out there with the clothes and the performing and just been a normal guy that got up there and sang semi-decent, you know, I feel like I would have maybe done better, but I’m happy that I stayed true to myself because I think that’s the most important and I would have not been happy doing that.

But then I would hear them tell people they’re not changing it enough and not making it their own and it’s just really you have to try to find that line of when is it not changing it too much and when is it being too cookie cutter and doing a Karaoke version, which sometimes they’re okay with and sometimes they’re not.

So, I feel like I was true to myself and I feel like I’ll be rewarded for being true to myself and being different in the end.”

On what he was going to do this week: “Yes, I was going to sing ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction,’ and I was going to dance for the first time. They kept yelling at me for dancing, but then Ellen said last week, ‘I think you should dance.’

So I was going to be the first contestant to actually do a dance break, you know, like Crystal Bowersox plays her, I think they call it like a mouth harp or like a harmonica type thing and the guitar and people have beat box. But no one has ever danced.

And I was looking forward to doing that, but hopefully, I’ll get to be dancing on Glee and that’s how America will see me dance for the first time.”

Photo Credit: Frank Micelotta/FOX

Lilly Scott: "It's another season of the same old stuff"

When she was shockingly eliminated Thursday night, Lilly Scott said one of the most honest phrases ever uttered on the “Idol” stage: “I don’t know what America wants to hear.”

And in her media conference call, Lilly continued to be VERY honest about why she went home and how the show is not a place for indie artists.

Here’s some of what she had to say…

On why she went home: “Originally trying out this year I really just kind of wanted to break the mold and just kind of be that offbeat contestant that did exactly what I wanted to do and really just kind of explained myself as an artist with my song choice and I definitely have no regrets in that department, but just kind of watching certain people make it into the top 12 that had kind of not done so well over the past three weeks and then basing judges’ comments on my three songs the past three weeks I just was kind of frustrated, just kind of feeling like my fan base wasn’t really there, even though the producers and judges seemed to love me and I was feeling like I was having a great run on the show.

But I guess my fans weren’t there so I guess that’s why I kind of said, “I don’t know what America wants to listen to,” but then, again, my voting demographic is probably more of the underground scene who probably doesn’t even own a TV and if they do they’re probably out riding their bike or doing something more productive than watching TV, let alone American Idol.

So, I don’t know. I guess they just weren’t voting and that just definitely was my fault, so I don’t know..”

On whether her song choice doomed her: “You know, yes and no. I picked that song because I love Patsy Cline and it really describes who I want to be as an artist. But then, again, the American Idol voting demographic is probably mostly Tweens, you know, like 11 and 12-year-old girls and I’m sure they don’t know who Patsy Cline is. So, that definitely kind of probably affected me.

But I’m staying true to my song choices and I’m definitely having no regrets. I just feel like maybe my fan base and the audience I was playing to, which is the underground market, probably literally wasn’t watching the show and just supporting me in their hearts and not actually voting.

And then there’s the whole deal with maybe people just assumed I was safe and chose not to vote. So, honestly I really have no idea what happened, though.”

On what she’ll do next: “I definitely feel like I would fit in the big summer festival circuit, doing things like Coachella and Bonnaroo and really doing some mass touring. I know that I can have a whole entire different kind of audience coming out to shows if I did tour. And recording is definitely on my list of things to do.

I know there’s a fan base out there for me that is loving what I’m doing. I just don’t necessarily think that would be the American Idol voting demographic. So, that’s kind of what I worried about day one of being on the show and I thought I could break the mold, but I guess it’s another season of the same old stuff.”

On whether she expected to go home: “You know, I did and I didn’t, but you know in the past years I have watched American Idol and it seems like very year the person that I fall in love with goes home. And I don’t know if that’s because I see true artistry in that contestant or what it is, but I definitely feel like I got cut early. I know that I could have done a great job next week with Rolling Stones and I knew I probably could have kicked butt in the Top 12, but maybe I was just too off the wall for people or maybe it was just my time to go out with a bang so I can still keep my Indie cred and kind of do my own thing without having the American Idol over my head.”

On whether she’d like to know the voting results: “No, they don’t let us know any of that kind of stuff. It’s actually really unfortunate because I’m one to think, you know, screw the establishment and blah, blah, blah, but I would love to know the statistics. I don’t want to think that anything is rigged, but I would also like to know how many votes I really did have.”

On why she didn’t sing her favorite artists like Bjork and Radiohead: “I definitely considered that, but you know, in a way the producers swayed me against doing songs like that because they are almost less well known than people like Sam Cooke and Patsy Cline, just for whatever reason. I mean, they’re 100% well known to me, but I actually did try to do “Nude” by Radiohead, which is their top charting song, more than “Paranoid Android” or older songs, so that didn’t get cleared and I just figured I love classic rock and I was going to try and make that my niche this season, because unfortunately Indie and underground music isn’t really ready for the big breakthrough and I think that was kind of reaffirmed last night by me getting voted off, that America may still not be ready to have that kind of music in the mainstream.”

Photo Credit: Frank Micelotta/FOX

Katelyn Epperly: "I never realized how big it was"

The judges criticized Katelyn Epperly for her song choice last week, but in her conference call with the media, Katelyn explained it was the judges who were responsible for her choice.

Here’s some of what she had to say…

On whether the judges were harder on her: “They were definitely more critical towards me. I’m not sure if it’s possibly because I’ve been performing for so long they maybe expected more out of me than what I was giving them. But, you know, I started out on a pretty strong note, so maybe I didn’t live up to their expectations week-by-week.”

On whether she “over-adapted” after the judges criticized “The Scientist” for being too slow: "Yes, I totally did. I definitely was trying to find a song that would portray me as an artist, which is difficult for singer/songwriters in this competition because, first of all, I don’t listen to mainstream music and second of all, I don’t typically perform covers. So, I kind of scrambled around last minute trying to do something I could; I brought out the Wurlitzer keyboard, I wanted to do something edgier and it didn’t work out for me, but I definitely don’t regret doing it because I love that era and I love the song."

On what she’ll do next: “Yes, I am planning on going back, well, for now since I’m flat broke, I’ve got to go back to Des Moines and start working and continue to pursue recording and writing music with all sorts of different artists. A band called Lovedrug, it’s been a band that I’ve been listening to since I was real young, I’m going to get together with them and, hopefully, start writing some music with them as well as other artists. Just getting back in the studio and getting back to what I truly love to do.”

On her moment with Lilly and Crystal during the results show: “Well, you know, Lilly and I, especially, Lilly, Crystal and I have gotten really close and from the start we flocked together. And I don’t typically hang out with girls very often so, you know, this was a rare thing for all three of us, actually, to really truly have female friends and to get along so well and to be so supportive of one another. And turning and seeing them there, it wasn’t, for me this isn’t over; it’s just a platform in my career so I wasn’t so sad about that. I was sad to see them. And I’m going to say it was a pretty big disappointment for me to see Lilly go home because if I were to be at home watching that show, she would by far, over all the other girls, not be the one going home.

On whether she has a favorite contestant: “Well, I really do. I mean, honestly, just to be cheesy, but I really do wish them all well because I’ve gotten to know all of them so well and everyone has worked so hard, but honestly, I mean from the start Crystal Bowersox has been a very true, true friend to me and she is a genuinely good, true person and when she sings it comes from the heart. You’ve watched her; it’s just natural for her. She totally deserves it and I’m going to be pulling for it all the way.”

On what surprised her about the show: “The show is so huge and there’s so much that goes on that you don’t even realize until you get there. It’s a huge working machine. And I never realized until now because I haven’t seen the show in a few years, I never realized how big it was. I mean, you go from being nobody to walking down the street and people calling it out your name. It’s just surreal, but it’s awesome. It’s probably one of the best marketing platforms to start your career off on.”

Photo Credit: Frank Micelotta/FOX

Emo Girls Hairstyle

Punk Hair Styles are not for everyone but are very trendy hair styles. Punk hair styles are usually for the younger crowd who are liberal and do not need the normal everyday hairstyles that most people have. When it comes to punk hairstyles, there is no normal look and usually the more wild the hairstyle is the better.

Punk hairstyles are harder to find in the media because most of the people we see on television, mainstream magazines, and other sources are not the punk hair styles wearing group. Punk hairstyles are usually very volumous, sometimes with different colors. With punk hairstyles, you try to get as wild with your hair
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Punk Rock Hair Styles Resources

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Punk hairstyles

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Use the right products to give you the right look, from those that give volume, flatten, or super hold

Punk hairstyles will go with most any face shape

When going punk, don't worry about how you look just worry about having fun and being free from society's judgements

Our Punk Hairstyle philosphy: Wear what you want( make sure you do wear something though) and do your hair however you like

Browse punk music websites for pictures of punk hairstyles.

Punk isn't your style? Then find out if goth hair is right for you.

Emo Punk

Emo Hairstyles

Characteristics of Emo Hair Styles

Length - One of the main characteristics of an emo hair style is length. Women's emo hair styles are often very short, while there are others that are quite long. Men's emo hairstyles are a bit long for guys, typically a bit longer than ear length.

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Emo Fashion

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Emo Fashion

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Yum Yum Treats

Ackee & SaltfishDSC05987
Yum yum treats are served in Jamaica daily. Visit Jamaica. Have a great time, in between fine meals.

Yum Yum Treats Photo Gallery

Every country is great, especially Jamaica.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top 16 Results Show: Did America Get It Right?

Do I even have to ask the question? NO, America did not get it right.

Paige and Katie should have gone home. Lilly was one of the most talented contestants. Katie is getting by on her cuteness and sappy backstory. I’m wondering if Paige isn’t getting through on the shoulders of voters…

Tim and Aaron should have gone home for the guys, but again, there’s the cute factor. And is championing Tim. I don’t think it’s helping him as much as it’s helping Paige.

Next week the Top 12 takes on The Rolling Stones. And I am honestly cringing already. But I’m hoping Crystal is working on “Blinded by Rainbows” right now…

So what do you think? Did America get the Top 12 right or are you as disappointed with America as I am right now?

Top 16 Results Show: The Shocker Ryan Promised

8:54 We’re back…The contestants are still hugging on the stage…Ryan said it was very intense during the break and they didn’t want to break up the emotion. Can’t wait to read the on-the-scene report on that one…Katie and Lilly…Is there a shocker in the works here? Yes, Katie gave a bad performance. I just can’t believe she’s going home…Ryan asks for Kara’s reaction. Kara says she finds it very interesting it’s those two…Maybe the show is trying to make Lilly look like an underdog…The final stool goes to…Katie! It is a shocker. Lilly is stunned. Katelyn is stunned. Katie is in tears. Kara shakes her head…Oh yeah. BIG mistake…Lilly said she thought she did really well and was appealing to a lot of people. She says “I don’t know what America wants to hear”…She does “I Fall to Pieces”…Crystal REALLY looks sick now…

8:59 Ryan brings up everyone who is leaving to roll their goodbye video…Ryan presents the Top 12…The judges look a little bummed, as they should…And we’re out…

Final thoughts in a moment…

Top 16 Results Show: More Stools Are Filled

8:40 We’re back…Back to the girls…Lights down…Crystal…She looks totally sick…She barely responds as Ryan says she’s in. I think there’s something up there. And no one hugged her? Jealousy perhaps…

8:41 Big Mike comes down when he was supposed to just stand. He says that’s what Debbie told him to do…Ryan asks Kara why she was so emotional. She said it was about him connecting to the song…Ryan asks if he can fit on the stool and he says he can…He’s in…

8:43 Lacey Brown stands…She comes down next to Ryan…She’s in the Top 12…Man I totally misjudged the girls! Could America have actually sent Katie home?...

8:44 Aaron Kelly…Aaron says the judges intimidate him…He’s in…The guys are down to Andrew and Alex…The girls are down to Katie and Lilly…

8:46 Alex and Andrew…I think it’s Andrew…I smell an “after the break”…Ryan asks Simon if Andrew peaked too soon. He says arguably yes, but he’s still very talented…The spot goes to…Andrew! That shocks me…Alex hugs him and tells him good for you…Alex did have a confidence problem, but he has a great voice…He’s in tears…Siobhan is a wreck…Ellen tells him to never stop believing in himself…Alex does “Trouble.” He’s really struggling…Katie and Lilly look sick…Crystal looks sick too. Something is up with her. Maybe the favorite crown is weighing heavy…I really do like his voice…Guys hug him…Break…

Top 16 Results Show: Scotty Mac and Matt Giraud Rock It

8:32 We’re back…Ryan intros Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraud doing “Tell Her About It” with the pianos…Matt is really making the most of the opportunity. Scott sounds good too, but Matt is awesome…The direction on this is lousy. Why can’t we show them both at the same time?...My hero Denise just texted me, “Proof. More talent last season.” She’s absolutely right…Scott promos his album, “Heartstrings”…Matt talks about his #1 iTunes Jazz song with Anna Wilson. I’ll have to look for that. He says he’s got an EP coming out soon…Did anyone else appreciate that Scott told Ryan it was good to see him?...Since I’ve met them both, I can tell you they’re both very cool guys…Break…