Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alex Lambert: "I don't regret anything"

When Alex Lambert talked to the media on his conference call, he was still a little shell shocked. But he also seemed ready to conquer his fears and take over the music world.

Here’s some of what he had to say…

On what he meant when he said he had much more to show: “Well, when I said I want to break out of my shell and show America what I can do, like, man, honestly every time I got up there I couldn’t even sing my best because I was so nervous. I have a whole other series of songs that I can sing that sound so much better than what I sing on the show. I don’t regret anything because this is like the beginning of my career. I have never really been on stage before so I think I did great for like how good I did for not having any experience.”

On getting past his nerves: “Yes, I mean I feel like I’m already past it and I feel like I just needed a few more weeks to just have a little bit more experience on that stage because it wasn’t a nerve thing because I would get up there and I would be like comfortable and it felt right, but I didn’t know how to look at the cameras, I didn’t know how to react with the audience because I had never done it before so definitely it’s something I’ll easily be able to get past.”

On what the judges said to him after his elimination: “Well, they talked to me and they pretty much told me that I need more experience and it’s true and stuff, but I don’t know, I felt like vocally it was my time, but I didn’t have enough experience on the stage and that’s pretty much what they were telling me. They all know I have a good voice and they tell me I have a lot of future ahead of me.”

On Ellen’s banana analogy: “Well, I mean I know it’s all for entertainment and stuff, but it does make sense. I guess I probably won’t be able to look at a banana the same.”

On his problems performing: “I would say it was all me, like the only person that was going to help me overcome my stage fright and my nervousness was me and it was all in my head. I mean, I could have gone up there and had a great performance, but in my head I was thinking to nail the song vocally and I wasn’t really worried about performing.

I guess I never thought that the show was so much of like a performing show as a singing competition and I had it in my head so much like I want my vocals to be so much better than everyone else’s and I guess I lost track of the fact that it was like a television show.”

On what happened during the commercial break that was so intense: “No, a lot of people were talking to me. And, yes, it was emotional pretty much because a lot of people weren’t expecting the people that went home to go home. There’s people on the Top 12 everyone thought was going home and then when they found out it was me, like, that whole day I was nervous and people were like, dude, why are you nervous? You have no reason to be nervous. You’re going to be here.

Then, when I got cut they were just like, what? And a lot of people that were upset were like I made it and he didn’t?”

On his lack of experience: “Before American Idol I had performed at a few coffee shops. The most people that ever showed up was probably like 40 people and most of the people there were my friends and my family. So, I don’t have any experience singing in front of people that I don’t know, so that was like the main problem for me.

But I feel like if I had more experience like the sky’s the limit for me.”

On whether he’d cut his mullet: “The stylists had already asked me if I wanted to cut it and even if they did tell me; yes, they probably would want me to cut it, but I wouldn’t let them ever cut my mullet.”

On the moment of his elimination: “It was an emotional moment. I wasn’t expecting to go home and a lot of people weren’t expecting me to go home, so I think it was just like such a shock that the four people that went home that night, no one thought that they were going to go home. There were four other people that everyone had in mind and probably six other people that people had in mind before us, so I think that was what made everybody so emotional.”

Photo Credit: Frank Micelotta/FOX