Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, and Sunday: Sydney Arrival

With all the busy people and stars at Oscars, the couple “Nicole Kidman” and “Keith Urban” together with their daughter Sunday Rose was spotted hand in hand heading to go back to their home. They were spotted arriving at Sydney, Australia on Monday (March 8) their homeland.

They don’t mind missing the Oscars, they look happy to be backing home. The “Moulin Rouge” babe still had the looks of being gorgeous women, as with her daughter whom she was carrying on her hand looks incomparable as her beauty.

In some other news, Nicole was rumored to decline an invitation from “Gwyneth Paltrow”, Her co-star in “The Danish Girl”. The invitation was to hang out, a mere girls hobby. Well nobody knows the reason behind why Nicole ignored the invitation.

Some told press that Nicole lives not too far from where Gwyneth has been working in Nashville, doing her latest movie. Gwyneth gets in touch with Nicole and made an effort of inviting her to hang out but Nicole decline the invitation. Some says it would have been nice for Nicole to make an effort too.

We should not be bothered maybe there’s some a pure misunderstanding going on.