Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Zoe Saldana Earns Academy Award for Worst Dressed

Walking in the red carpet is really an amazing experience especially On Oscars. Not everybody had experience it. Zoe Saldana had experienced it. And you know what; she also had experienced today to be “The Hollywood Goosip’s”annual “Worst Dressed” honor. Saldana wears a purple gown with so much fur design at the lower part, and with diamonds designs on the upper part. She’s still lucky indeed; she is pretty somehow compensating the dress. Saldana is beautiful, her face perfectly match with her skin. She wears simple jewelries which somehow enhanced her pretty face.

Saldana on the other hand has the highest-grossing film in history, and yes she has a considerable talent, let’s just look Saldana on these sides, because she’s not really on the fashion side. Some consider her dress as the ugliest of the ugly on the red carpet. Incomparable to Charlize Theron dress, stunningly gorgeous as ever. People just do not compare their gown.
Take it on the positive side Saldana, not everyone receives this award.

Saldana will sure prepare her gown for the next year’s award. She has a one year preparation and she will make everyone puzzled from this moment.