Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Zac Efron on Robert Pattinson: He's Amazing

Rivalry in the Hollywood will never be eradicated; well at least we can lessen it. Sometimes Hollywood stars will be one comparing themselves to other. Is it Jealous aside or envy that’s rottens their relationships.

Robert pattinson and Zac Efron, you two are no exemptions from that. True, there’s no rivalry going on to both of you but the Hollywood want to start one.

For Zac, well playing your part to be a good man I salute you for saying Robert was absolutely amazing. Zac was absolutely right. Praising another man is not lowering your ego, you just proved yourself to be a good man. And you really can

appreciate one if you alone can appreciate yourself. Further more Zac says “I think he’s making great choices. I think he’s handling it all really well, but you know, he’s a superstar. He really deserves all this."

Indeed, Zac can’t say any bad reaction to Robert because Robert on the other hand is not saying any bad reaction to Zac. People don’t compare, everyone has their own talent, and also every people had their own style, originality and unique way to express themselves. Robert is good in his acting and plays good actor on his every role as tantamount of saying Zac is also
good in acting. I believe Hollywood stars won’t be in the Hollywood if they’re not good. Do you agree?