Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wrapping up the Year on the Charts...

The Billboard year-end charts are usually covered with Idols, but the pickings are a little slim this year…

On the Hot 100 Artists chart, it’s Kelly Clarkson who ranks as the top Idol at #14. Carrie Underwood comes in next at #50, followed by Daughtry at #56, Jordin Sparks at #57, David Cook at #66 and Kellie Pickler at #96.

So which Idol had the highest ranking on the year-end Billboard 200 album chart? Kelly right? Wrong. It’s David Cook who comes in at #13 with “David Cook” (Yeah I was surprised too.). Kelly is next with “All I Ever Wanted” at #33. Daughtry’s “Leave This Town” comes in at #37. Archie’s “David Archuleta” is at #59. Carrie’s “Carnival Ride” is at #60 and her “Play On” is at #73 (“Play On” should rank much higher on the 2010 chart.).

The top Idol song of the year (from the Hot 100 chart) is—no surprise—Kelly’s “My Life Would Suck Without U” at #23. Jordin’s “Battlefield” is at #57, followed by Daughtry’s “No Surprise” at #63, Kelly’s “I Do Not Hook Up” at #91, and Kelly’s “Already Gone” at #95.

Photo Credit: Mike Ruiz/RCA