Saturday, August 28, 2010

Judging Candidates Turn to the Media

People interested in sitting at the “Idol” judges table—and fans of possible candidates—are now turning to the media to plead their cases…

This week, the Committee to Put J. Lo on “Idol” released a press release to show its support for Jennifer Lopez. The campaign is led by Dr. Lloyd Landsman, who is J. Lo’s Long Island neighbor. There’s an online petition they plan to send to FOX and an advertising campaign is in the works.

Also this week, the Joel Diamond camp sent out a press release to show the support for him to replace Simon Cowell.

Diamond is a music producer that has produced such monster hits as “I Will Survive” for Gloria Gaynor. He also discovered New Edition and New Kids on the Block.

According to the press release, he won the competition by tallying over 58,000 votes. The release also featured 14 endorsements for Diamond from a varied group of performers including Gaynor, Joe Pesci and David Hasselhoff.

The official announcement should be coming very soon…