Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mad, Mad...

...Mad (wo)men!

The cult series returns in the twenty-first century the best of the aesthetics of the 50.
Strange as it seems to us there was a time not far distant, in which all the world without stopping smoking and the only occupation for women was to cook delicious apple pies. Ran the 50. Fortunately the law and anti-progress on equality have drawn a very different twenty-first century. Although that does not seem to have changed much since this is a trend to tailor the aesthetic waists and use the classic shoe salon that just never go.
New fashion appears to have allied to recover the 50 classics, those icons that are timeless and as revealed in the 2009 have not lost one iota of its identity. We refer to the greatest hits of Herman Kelly and the silk-cars, as well as baby-necked blouses and skirts and waist carved large volume, as the master Christian Dior institutionalized.
However, there is no need to go that far. Needless transmuted into the beautiful Betty Mad Men, the American cult series, and comb with water waves. It is imperishable garments recover and rescue the best of an era in which, despite being infinitely conservative, today we still getting the colors in terms of elegance and femininity. (

Botega Venetta recovers fifties style for the day, through dress at the waist that return all their glory.

Chloé recover the shape of the blouse, yes, with a suggestive slit in the back of the thing itself coy spirit of the times.

Although it is now not politically correct, then smoking was almost a religion. This cigarette case of Bulgaria, the 1952 original, yellow gold, rubies, emeralds and diamonds, a vice glamorized outdated.

Less is more. The jewels were always compelling, as this yellow gold necklace, cameos, diamonds and coral Bárcena.

The peep toes were almost the only footwear allowed. Platform with upgrade of the XXI century, as Fendi.

There is something classic and timeless Hermes Kelly that if the 50 authentic, the better.

The radio was the mass media. Recupérala now, though, with devices with mp3 player included, as this Magno Radio.

Phillip Lim updates the silhouette of the 50 geometric patterns with very contemporary.

La Perla corset recovers so characteristic of that time, but replacing the awkward pespuntes contrasted with whales.

Chanel classic dancers are also an icon that has endured over time idly.

Earrings, large and best only a part. The model of Peacock Carrera and Carrera, white gold, tourmaline, sapphires, rubies and diamonds, will be perfect.

Narciso Rodriguez reinterprets the classic dress of the 50 original silk with a tricolor.

Discarded contact lenses and get glasses nerd style, like that of Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Amazing.

The cult American series Mad Men, which places the action in an advertising agency for 50 years, has been one of the reasons for this revival fifties.

Jonathan Saunders for Pollini updates humorous day dresses of the time. And of course, shorter skirts.

The designer Vivien Cheng has become fashionable handbags hand painted vintage aesthetic.

The Pretzel Chair by George Nelson, designed in 1952, is a masterpiece of interior design. Today it remains as cutting as it was then.

Again the pattern, as in this dress Mulberry, is the perfect vehicle to refresh the aesthetics of the time.

The old gold, like this bracelet, Roberto Cavalli, was essential in any jewel tone.

The most irreverent designer, Vivienne Westwood, surprised by reinterpreting the most classical of all shoe-lounge.

Yet another icon of fashion legacy of that time, the painted silk carré Hermés.