Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Breaking News: Paula’s Replacement is Ellen?

When I saw this headline, I thought it was a 9/9/09 joke, but it isn’t…

Especially since I just found the press release in my inbox…

FOX has announced that Ellen DeGeneres will replace Paula as the fourth “Idol” judge.


In the press release, Ellen said, “I’m thrilled to be the new judge on ‘American Idol.’ I’ve watched since the beginning, and I’ve always been a huge fan. So getting this job is a dream come true, and think of all the money I’ll save from not having to text in my vote.”

Ellen will join the panel after the auditions.

Now, let me say that I love Ellen, but as a judge? We know she isn’t going to be mean to these people, so we won’t get actual critiques. So does that mean she’ll fire one-liners at the contestants instead?

I can’t believe that Simon is going to like this. And how can you take the show seriously as the search for the next superstar if one of the judges is a comedian?

What are your thoughts? Is this a good choice?