Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adam Gets Back to the Music

I don’t know who deserves the kudos more—Adam Lambert or Adam’s people. But whoever it is did a fantastic job this morning on “The Early Show.”

If you missed it, Adam did not apologize for his performance but he did admit he got “carried away.” He said that the more sexual moves came from an “impromptu place” and that he did not do them in rehearsal.

When he was pushed to take responsibility for the children watching he refused to back down, saying, “I’m not a babysitter.”

Then Adam wisely sang two completely different songs—the two best songs on his CD, the radio-friendly “Whataya Want From Me” and the amazing “Music Again”—and he nailed every single note in both. It was a very good move…

Now I don’t believe for a second that Adam forgot there was a camera on him Sunday night. I believe he knew exactly what he was doing. But I was still very impressed with the way he handled himself today.

And I have to agree with both Ken Tucker and my hero Slezak of “Good Morning America” made a huge ratings mistake cancelling his performance.

Now the question is which song Adam will sing on “Letterman” tonight. I’m actually hoping RCA/19 decides to go with a completely different single altogether now so we can put this behind us and focus on what really matters—an amazing CD that deserves to be heard…

You can see Adam’s interview and both of his performances below…