Monday, November 23, 2009

Was Adam's AMA Performance Just Too Much?

I told you that Adam Lambert’s performance of “For Your Entertainment” on the American Music Awards would be wild and I guess it was.

But more than anything I thought it was a major disappointment…

Clearly Adam was going for shock value, but CLEARLY he was trying too hard. The gyrating against his dancers was unnecessary enough. We didn’t need the makeout session with his band member.

And the director of the telecast obviously agreed because there were awkward cutaways both times.

As for the song, which was hard to concentrate on given the theatrics—which may have been the point—I heard Adam miss at least two big notes, maybe more.

Adam’s performance accomplished one thing in that it has people talking. But that talk only serves as a distraction to Adam’s music. And that’s a shame because his CD is very good.

Now people looking for a reason not to like Adam have found some. I know he doesn’t care, but I still think it’s a shame…

You can see the performance here. Be sure to let me know what you think. But unlike Adam, I’d appreciate it if you kept it clean…