Thursday, December 16, 2010

Inspired by lower back pain....

...A seamstress friend of mine asked me the other day:" How do you get time to make all these new clothes and blog about it at the same time? I have no time even to draw :-)"

Well I supposed it is the matter of what you do with your spare time and right now I am bed bound with a bad lower back pain, a bit tipsy on pain killers, thinking about having to skip my job tomorrow morning ( losing working hours is the last thing I can afford before Christmas, but I suppose life has something different for me in mind. Whatever it is - it isn't money )))). Comparing prices of canned tomatoes in Aldi's and Lidl's seems to have become a normal part of my weekly shopping- thanks to the "severe" weather conditions and my job closing down way more than I can allow myself to joke about...

But my Mojo is- life's moving on, and when it seems to be bad- there is always something good hidden somewhere in there, just need to keep your eyes and your heart open. Like making a dinner for a family of 3 with a nice roasted pork joint, lovely veg and a bottle of wine for under 10 euro- that's what I am talking about! Or finding a couple of dirt cheap ebay outlets that offer super trendy shoes for ridiculous prices- like these gorgeous platform sandals for £8.99 (plus postage £6.99) How can you go wrong with that?

Lying here in bed is somewhat good for sudden great ideas. I have a 1.5m of an azule blue satin fabric and as blue is not really my colour, I couldn't decide for ages, what  it could be used for. So tripping on Tradol brought me the answer: this dress from Burda 12/2010 was on my mind ever since the first preview of the magazine. I would probably have to wait till January before I could realize all my recent fashion ambitions, with this pain getting in the way and visitors for the next two weeks forcing me to turn my workshop into a guest room. But hey- this is what this blog is for- "filing" the dreams )))))

So this is the idea (and i hope it will work out):
this dress in blue satin
worn with this white pullover I made from BURDA 9/2010 and topped up with my cream furry cropped coat, maybe some woolen white tights with some cute anckle boots?