Friday, October 30, 2009

Adam Lambert Unveils His New Single

Okay, I’m going to admit that I’m a little confused…

This morning, Adam Lambert revealed his new single on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. And it’s not “Time For Miracles,” the theme song from “2012” that is currently accompanying the movie’s trailers.

It’s “For Your Entertainment,” the title track from his debut CD dropping November 23rd.

So here’s where I’m confused. Why go to all of the trouble to make Adam the centerpiece of a multi-million dollar movie promotional campaign if you’re not going to back the single?

Having heard the song over the latest “2012” trailer playing in theatres now, I can tell you it works very well to sell the movie (much better than the video).

And personally, I think “Miracles” might be a better song.

What do you guys think? And be warned that this video could be taken down at any time by RCA…