Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ryan Star Helps the Unemployed "Breathe"

From time to time I like to update you on David Cook’s tourmate, Ryan Star. And when you do something this special, it deserves to be told…

Ryan’s new music video, “Breathe” will debut tomorrow on CNN.com and on CNN during the 2 p.m. newscast. The video features Ryan performing on the streets of New York with actual unemployed people. A special website http://www.breathe4jobs.com/ will allow employers to contact the people in the video.

In a press release, Ryan said, “I wanted to do something more important than just another typical video. I wanted a video that was relevant and can make a difference in the real world. Our world. So when I started thinking of how to represent ‘Breathe,’ this idea made sense because unemployment is the common thread that I have been seeing everywhere I have been touring. It just feels to me that people everywhere need to hear a positive message, that things will all be ok and that we are here for one another.”

“Breathe” is available on digital music outlets now. Ryan’s album, “11:59,” is scheduled to be released early next year…

Photo Credit: Atlantic Records