Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Paula Is "Thrilled" About Fourth Judge

With everyone wanting to know Paula’s thoughts on the fourth judge, she, of course, goes to Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to share her thoughts…

Paula told Ryan today that she’s thrilled to have Kara DioGuardi join the show, especially since Paula feels like she launched her career. After meeting Kara, a “Billboard” employee dreaming of being a songwriter, outside a restaurant in New York, Paula convinced Kara to move to L.A. with her.

She told Ryan, “She was my roommate! And I took her all around the world with me and introduced her to wonderful people…She stayed in Sweden and wrote with these people and got started living her dream.”

When Ryan asked Paula where Kara will sit at the judges’ table, Paula said she hopes next to her, but if that proves “distracting,” she said Simon will probably separate them.

Does Paula really need any more distractions?

And since Paula seems genuinely excited about Kara, let me float another theory out there for you…

What if Kara is the exit strategy for Randy?...
Photo provided by FOX