Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Super Exciting News About Cook's Album!

Ladies and gentlemen, I now have some of the most exciting Idol news I have ever reported.

Are you ready?

Clive Davis is not involved AT ALL in David Cook’s CD.


Cook told EW.com, “I never heard his name brought up.”


Of course, this is probably because of the shakeup earlier this year that removed Clive as the head of SonyBMG (now about to drop the BMG, by the way), but who really cares what the reason is, right?

So who is involved with Cook’s CD? He tells EW.com that Rob Cavallo, who produced Green Day’s “American Idiot,” is producing the CD. Also, Cook has written with Raine Maida (Our Lady Peace) and Ed Roland (Collective Soul).

No big surprise then that Cook promises the CD will be a “rock record.”

Which may mean that the “Idol” single “The Time of My Life” won’t make the cut. Cook told EW.com that he hasn’t made a decision yet, but he doesn’t “want any song to stick out like a sore thumb.”

So I’m guessing that’s a no…

Cook added that “in every meeting that I’ve had with 19 and RCA, they’ve been very supportive of what I want to do with my record.”

I feel the absence of Clive already, don’t you?...