Thursday, January 6, 2011

Randy Jackson on "Idol": "People Will Be Pleasantly Surprised"

Randy Jackson participated in a media conference call this week to discuss the movie, “Change of Plans,” for which he produced the soundtrack (He also makes a cameo in the movie.). But, of course, everyone had questions about the new season of “Idol.”

Here’s a look at some of what Randy had to say:

On the season as a whole: “I think ‘Idol’s going to do really well this year. I think the addition of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have really added a different kind of zest and a freshness to it. I’ve been calling it Idol Season 10: The Remix. You take what was already great and you just kind of add a little extra spice to it, give it a whole Emperor’s New Clothes kind of vibe, but I think it’s going to do really, really well. I think people will be pleasantly surprised.”

On Steven and Jennifer: “Listen, I think they’re doing an amazing, amazing job because people often hesitate when it’s an artist giving a critique, an artist that is still constantly on the charts all the time and in the headlines. But I think they’re doing a really, really good job and giving them honest critiques. I think Steven has been very funny. I think Jennifer has been very loving. It’s going to be fun. I think people will definitely enjoy this.”

“They bring that artist perspective because they’ve been successful artists for many, many years. I mean, Steven Tyler—45 years and running with one of the greatest rock bands ever, and we can say that he’s a living legend. We’ve got Jennifer. She’s got all three sides of the coin: the acting, the dancing and the singing, a true triple threat. So they’re bringing a different kind of awareness to it. What are you going to say as a contestant to Steven Tyler, who’s got a 45 year running career at the top of the game as an artist? I think today artists would do good to have a 10 year career, let alone 45. I think they bring a lot to it. I think it’s exciting.”

“I think that we’ve all gotten some great chemistry. Chemistry happened like magic. We had a dinner one night and five minutes into the dinner it was like we’d all known each other and known each other’s careers before that. I think they’ve become really good judges of talent. I don’t think that there’s any way you can achieve the success that the two of them have achieved in their own careers without being a great judge of talent, because remember you have to judge yourself as well and usually if you’re like me you’re your own worst critic. So I tell every artist never to read their own press, because there are as many people that love you as hate you and you probably are tougher on yourself than anyone will ever be. I think they’ve become really, really good.”

On what kind of a judge he is now: “Listen, I think what you see now is you see all sides of me. I think before people saw only one side because there was Paula, there was Simon. We all had our different things that we do. So I think you will see a new version of The Dawg. There’s maybe a little bit more hair on The Dawg, if you will…I think that I’ll be a little bit more differently assertive. And you’ll go, “Wow, all right, Dawg.”

On all the changes: “I think we’re just trying to add things that enhances the viewers’ participation and the viewers’ interest even more. I think a lot of these things haven’t quite been confirmed, we’re working them out. We changed the middle rounds a bit, but I think it just makes the show more and more enjoyable now…I think that it’s still not completely baby out with the bath water. I think these are just some small changes. I think the biggest changes you’ll see are probably to the middle rounds. So it’s still the show that you know, still the show that you love. It ain’t being changed that much.”

On this year’s talent: “I think we’ve got some amazing talent this year. I think better talent than we’ve had in some years. I think we’re going to have a really interesting successful winner, I’m predicting.”

On whether a male or female will win this year: “I’m going to go with a female. Yes, I think there are some standouts on both sides, we’ll have to see, but I’m thinking it’s a girl’s year to lose.”

On what they’ll do to celebrate 10 years: “Look, man, Ryan and I are going to throw so many parties, dude, it’s going to be dizzying. I tell you, we’re going to throw down, man. I’m saying, what?! Come on, season 10 remix!”

I think it’s interesting that Randy said it’s “not completely baby out with the bath water.” That’s exactly what I was going to say it was…