Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How's Cook Doing?

Remember this from my November 18th blog post? had an article about Cook’s CD releasing today that featured a
statement from music writer Don Waller, one of the “coaches” that follows “Idol”
for the website:

“If RCA pumps money into promoting Cook and releases a second single by
Christmas, the disc might sell 500,000, Waller speculates.”

Well, Mr. Waller, on behalf of all the David Cook fans out there, allow me to hand you your words on a plate…

For the third week in a row, “David Cook” is at #10 on the Billboard 200 album chart. And considering his competition is heavy hitters like Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Beyonce, that’s pretty darn good.

And if my math is correct, the CD has now sold 583,000.

Now, granted, Britney did nearly that in one week; but I think considering the state of album sales these days and all the bad press surrounding David’s chances, I think that’s pretty darn good as well.

But now for the bad news. “Light On” is still not making any headway on the Hot 100 chart, although it’s #11 on the Adult Top 40 chart. For whatever reason, Top 40 radio is just not responding to this one so I hope that RCA turns the “Light” off very soon so that David can have a hot single right before the gift card redemption rush after Christmas…
Photo Credit: RCA