Monday, December 15, 2008

Nigel Answers Paula...

At a press event Thursday for his new show, “Superstars of Dance,” Nigel Lythgoe answered Paula Abdul’s accusations that the producers knew Paula Goodspeed was a stalker and that they let her audition despite Paula’s objections because it made for good TV.
“You do not take somebody in that room that you believe is a danger to herself or a danger to Paula. That would not enter our heads,” Nigel told

“[Goodspeed] had been through an audition process with the producers, an audition process with the executive producers, and we were wheeling her in as a huge fan of Paula Abdul…This is what we knew: She was a great fan, she was a lovely girl. And a great fan of Paula.”

Nigel admits he doesn’t remember Paula making a request to have Goodspeed removed, but that she could have done so. “If Paula said that’s what she said, I believe her.”Lythgoe added, “We've seen over 700,000 contestants. And one has made a terrible, terrible mistake. If you're an odds man, they are great odds.”

I just really don’t know what to say about that one…