Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cute little cotton blouse for work and thoughts on recession

I will be honest, I HATE finishing my projects! No, I am not talking about the work involved, the hems or buttonholes (with I do think are a nightmare)...... I hate when the garment is ready to wear and I am left with nothing to do. Some seamstresses I know always have a few things going on at the same time. They'll tell me :" oh, yeah- and I have this little dress traced and cut and then the skirt from that magazine as well, and I have this blouse half finished..... blah, blah, blah..." Well this is not me. I am a "hamster"- the wardrobe full of fabrics and the head full of ideas, but to put two together takes ages, and sometimes even results in not using the fabrics I have, but checking ebay fabric stores for hours in search of inspiration. Then I buy it. With my credit card (of course). Then I get it..... and put it away together with the other 50 000 fabric pieces.

Well, this has to stop! My new resolution is: BEAT RECESSION WITH CREATIVITY AND INSPIRATION. In my personal interpretation- use the f*cking fabrics you have and stop spending the money you don't have! Use your head- not your wallet.

We'll see if that is going to stick! )))))

My latest project is something to wear in work- the uniform requirements are the top part being red, my choice fell for a cute little blouse from Burda 07/2010, the fabric is a simple poly cotton, very easy to work with. I love the ruffled details along the shoulders- that will give some volume to the top, and works perfectly to balance the hip area (unfortunately, being a slight "pear" I need to constantly worry about that. )
here is this blouse gallery from Burda Fashion Photo Forum 

 The pattern seems to be very straightforward, the ruffled parts took the most of my time. I should say that if you use a softer fabric, it might work better with this  model as cotton is just a bit stiff.

ruffles on the sleeve - my pride of the day!!!!

almost done- just needs a trip to the Crafts shop for some cute buttons...