Thursday, November 11, 2010

Harlequin "Wrap me up" top

This was my inspiration for today. A blouse with a wrap from Burda fashion magazine 9/2010 model 111.

I didn't alter pattern much, apart for my height and I used a knit fabric in diamont/harlequin looking pattern. It was a very straightforward item to sew. I love the draping on the collar and the gathered on top sleeves. Here is the result of my efforts:

and here is the same blouse made from sliky/sateen fabric ( I am not sure of exact type) In this one I added the belt in the front- going throughopenings in side seams, which looked great, but the shoulder line seemed too low, and the sleeve caps were too big for a smooth setting- they looked a bit raised ( not visible on the collage), so I actually got rid of this blouse straight away- I believe there might be somebody out there who will find a good use to it, but it won't be me- so it is gone to charity.