Thursday, November 25, 2010

The importance of being precise

I just have to make this confession.... I rush! And it is not because I am Russian, I just have very little patience.  So there is me being so proud of my perfect curved seams I totally messed up the zipper and the whole side seam!!!!  It just looks wrong and pulling badly under the zipper. Or should I BE TOTALLY HONEST  and say that the initial zipper insertion result was so bad that I decided to simply have a fully exposed zipper- thankfully it is acceptable in garments these days. 

Where do I go from here? There is a seam ripper beside me and this is definitely one way to do it, but then what about all of my work on the waistline, the hem,  etc etc ????

Or I can just leave it, and move on with a disgusting feeling of being a loser and giving up so quickly again.

It is 22.30 and my husband is working late tonight....

SEAM RIPPER- HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!  or not?