Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome To My Blog

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I am starting this new blog by celebrating the birthday of my own sewing workshop. It will be the place for my creative outbursts, delights and disappointment, learning and sharing my knowledge with the others (gladly, I have a 10yo daughter to pass the family tradition to.)

About the workshop:

So I have a little space with a folding table for cutting and sewing, a book case to keep my magazines and little boxes with all utilities, beautiful hamper baskets I use for myfabrics and scraps, a bodyform and a big wardrobe to keep larger items and finishing projects. I just ordered a set of plastic dividers to keep everything neat and tidy in my little boxes ( and yes, I do have a particular fond of good organizations))).

My latest projects:

  • Von Trash Launch Dress

I was inspired by a dress in Burda 10/2010 but I didn't like some of the real models made from this pattern, so I used the idea of leather side parts and added some on the bottom of the sleeves, which I kept quite narrow. The dress pattern is from Burda 1/2007, which I used before and found excellent. For this dress I used Suede look lycra fabric for the main parts and wet look lycra fabric for details. Love the standing collar, which i took from the original dress. Overall it is a lovely dress to wear and I am very happy with it.

  • Basics: A Dress in Neutral


Another recent project is a bodycon 60s dress in cream rayon blend, Burda 1/2007 - 106. Veeery nice basic model for dressing up with different jewerly pieces and jackets- every time it looks different. Love it to bits!
  • Cocktail dress - houndtooth print

 An older project of mine, just shortened it a bit for a more youthful look. Pattern is again Burda Style  Magazine  11/2007, model§105  Material- wood blend in black and white houndtooth print and the front detail and the straps are made from a beautiful satin pleated trimming with pvc ribbon running across.