Monday, February 28, 2011

Up In The Air

So I am caught between an itching for some sewing time and total apathy, sounds familiar? Don't you just hate it when you start doing something and in a while just want to quickly check if that email you're been expecting has arrived. Two hours later you are still online and feeling sooooo lazy to go back to work! Well I do! I hate wasting time and it looks like I am very very good at it lately, wasting my precious time. 
So here's what I am putting off: 

This stunning coat, which is actually very easy to make - it could have been almost finished by now if I didn't get into this virtual trap. I am using one of those fabrics I bought ages ago and couldn't decide on the best use for it .It is a designer wool blend fabric from Italy- it feels fantastic- not too thick or heavy and it has a fantastic texture to it. I have about 2 meters, might even squeeze in a matching mini,  or even a wee bag! (I actually never made a bag before- there's spontaneous idea, Thank You Blog!)

Back to the coat, I am going to add a zipper to the front instead of concealed snap fasteners, and I decided against the lining. I just want something light you can wear on a cool spring-summer  night. I will have to either bind the seam allowances or use the overlock- I will check what looks better- I have some black satin bias tape, but I have to pop into the shop for a zipper (the ones I have at home are all too short), so I might see something nice there for binding. 

So now, after all this blabbering, I feel it's time to retire to my workshop again, so I will be back soon with the finished result, I hope!

P.S.                          Quick update:

What an amazing pattern. It is unbelievably simple to sew, just a couple of seams and the whole thing already looks like it is coming together- and quite nicely!!! I bound the hems of the sleeves with the black satin ribbon and I will do the same to the seam allowances of the bottom hem. Funny but even though the sleeves have a darker cuffs on them in the photo- there s nothing like it in the pattern/instructions. Go figure.

Too bad I have to wait till tomorrow to get that zipper, at it looks like it could be a "3 hours work" coat. So as there is no point in rushing, I am alternating sewing with some blogging and online socializing. Also need to get black raglan shoulder pads for best shape, so might check out ebay before going to bed too.