Thursday, February 17, 2011

September Dress (Burda 9/2010 dress 122)

After a bit of a break I am back with one of my finished projects: the fabulous September Dress ( from the cover of Burda WF 9/2010)

This was a love from first sight and I have been dreaming about making this dress, but couldn't find the right time and the right fabric for it. The magazine offered to use thick jersey, but I couldn't find anything thick in a nice colour, so eventually I just used a medium weight jersey which I had in abandonment at hand. And I realised that with this dress it was fine to use a different fabric- it turned to be thick enough to hold the shape and feel amazing on! The curved seams make the shape look very slim

The pattern was great, all parts came together perfectly- I used Perfect Curved Seams technique ( here is a link to a tutorial) A word of warning to those who want to make this dress- the neckline is very wide, so if you have a small top and narrow shoulders like me, make sure you measure and adjust both front and back neckline pieces. I only narrowed the back and ended up with the front sticking out quite annoyingly, so I added a pleat with a covered button, and, to be honest, I love this little detail now- I think it looks cute!

The major adjustment to the original pattern was abolishing the panels and adding proper 3/4 sleeves, which in the cool Irish climate made this dress perfect for all year round use.

It is a great model for a basic wardrobe garment and with a touch of a colour, really stands out!