Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Willow-ish Skirt

I was recently inspired by an Australian designer Willow, and one garment in particular- a leather look ruched up skirt, that I previously included on My Current Projects list

Unfortunately, when I got down to business earlier today, I realised that replicating that skirt would not be as easy as I initially thought. The fabric remnant I had left over my Matrix dress was not long enough and I also had no grosgrain ribbon handy as in the original version. 

So the decision had to be made- and I went for a very bold mini look. I realise the wet-look stretch PVC like jersey I had will look daring if not trashy in wrong concept, but the sheer desire of giving this skirt a try eventually took over- and here's what we have:

The skirt has no seams just 2 darts on the back and 2 darts on the side, it hugs the figure quite nicely and there is an invisible zipper concealed under the trimming in the front. I love this trimming- I just had a little bit left over after the dog-hound pinafore dress. Drafting the pattern was the most time consuming, I just took a basic skirt pattern, traced all parts twice, glued together at side seams, transfered the side seam to the front left, made a few incisions and opened them up at the seam to allow for the ruches. So eventually I had just one wide part that I used to cut out of the fabric. The bottom hem is turned in and fixed using a double-sided fusible interfacing ribbon and I used the stay-stitch interfacing for the top hem.