Monday, February 15, 2010

Breaking News: “Idol” Makes a Change

During the Daytona 500, the “Idol” promos touted a two-hour event for tomorrow night. I was a little confused because that’s not something the show normally does during the last week of Hollywood shows.

Thankfully, the fine folks at FOX have just sent out a press release to clear things up…

From the press release:

“On Tuesday evening, the remaining contestants will take the stage to perform their final solo number in front of Simon, Ellen, Kara and Randy in hopes of singing their way into the Top 24. Following these performances, the judges will deliberate, and for the first time in IDOL history, will announce some of the Top 24 semifinalists.

Tune in Wednesday, Feb. 17 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) as the judges reveal the remaining contestants who will round out the Top 24.”

Whether this means the elimination of the “Green Mile” episode, I honestly have no idea. But I kind of hope not, because isn’t that long walk to the judges an “Idol” tradition?

“Idol” airs Tuesday, February 16th for two hours beginning at 8 p.m. on FOX…