Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So Who's Going Home?

Before I get down to business, let me offer an apology. Blogger has been totally freaking out tonight, so a lot of my posts were a little late, so I’m sorry that it wasn’t as instant as it normally is.

Now, back to business. So who’s going home? I think Jermaine Sellers for sure. Then it’s a toss-up between Tim Urban and John Park. Jermaine gave a lousy performance and he showed what we had already suspected—he is quite the diva. The audience doesn’t like that. Tim and John both gave bad performances of completely wrong song choices.

Overall, I would say that the guys did a better job than the girls—but not by much. The biggest thing I would take away from tonight’s show was how out of synch my opinions were with the opinions of the judges. Several times I was unsure of what they were listening to. And it’s clear they’ve already picked who they want to push at us (Aaron Kelly, anyone?).

So what do you guys think? Who do you think is going home?

Remember that the hour-long results show starts tomorrow at 8 with performances from Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen. I may be a little late joining the party tomorrow, but I’ll jump in as soon as I can…