Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So Who's Going Home?

Wow. Did anyone else have trouble getting through those two hours? There are always a few questionable song choices and even more questionable notes during the first performance show, but tonight? Again I say wow…

For the first time this season, let me ask the question I will ask at this time every week, so who’s going home?

That’s a really tough one, but my gut tells me Paige Miles for sure. Then it’s a toss-up between Ashley Rodriguez and Lacey Brown. I say Paige for sure because we didn’t know her at all and she went first with a forgettable performance. Ashley could go because she dared to do Leona Lewis—not very well—and Lacey could go because her performance was pretty rough.

It will definitely be interesting. But remember, we don’t find out until Thursday night.

Tomorrow, it’s the guys’ turn. In just a few, I’ll post their pictures and bios so you can get to know them before tomorrow.

But they had best bring it because I don’t know if I can sit through another two hours like that. Not even for you guys…