Friday, February 26, 2010

Fashion Style: What's Behind Lady Gaga's Face Mask?

Lady Gaga has her own way of expressing herself. She prefers fashion to be the best way of knowing her. She’s unique! She goes in a way she knows she’s comfortable with. Don’t be misjudged by the way she dressed. Maybe she’s doing this to hide something, the way she dress, her moves, even her songs, if you can read between the lines, can you see what it means? Is there a mystery behind? Hmm. In psychological aspects, most people hide what they feel, they often laugh even they feel the other way around. Would you consider Lady Gaga as one of them?

Honestly, I like Lady Gaga. I like her songs, and the way she do her moves. She gives justice to what she wears in the matter of reflecting it with the song and the right moves. I just notice something, she often hide her face or wear a mask, that puzzled me, well that’s make her Lady Gaga anyway.

Lady Gaga is a singer with wild imaginations, with extraordinary dance, with extreme acts, and outrageous fashion. Her blood-red lace dress gives an extreme suspense feeling. Almost overcome a film costume huh!

The testimony of Tatiana about how great woman she is, I do believe in that. Lady Gaga gives am impression of a woman with a good heart.

image credit: thehollywoodgossip