Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hollywood Round 4: The Top 24 Is Completed

Two guys remain. Andrew Garcia and Thaddeus Johnson...Andrew…“Straight Up”…Thaddeus…“Man In the Mirror”…I don’t like this…Thaddeus…He’s out…Simon says he’s really sorry and he genuinely didn’t do anything wrong. I get the impression that Simon really liked him…He’s devastated and walks away from Ryan…I personally think it was a wrong decision. He deserved to be there more than some of the other guys…Andrew is, of course, in now but they’re going to mess with him a little…He’s in and he says it’s for his son…

The top 24 presented to the tune of “Hallelujah.” Um what? Don’t they know that’s the song TV uses for bad things?...

So here’s the recap of our Top 24…

The Girls
Didi Bonami
Katelyn Epperly
Janell Wheeler
Lacey Brown
Ashley Rodriguez
Crystal Bowersox
Katie Stevens
Lilly Scott
Paige Miles
Siobhan Magnus
Michelle Delamor
Haeley Vaughn

The Guys
Michael Lynche
Casey James
Aaron Kelly
Lee Dewyze
Todrick Hall
Tyler Grady
Alex Lambert
Joe Munoz
Jermaine Sellers
John Park
Tim Urban
Andrew Garcia

I’ll have final thoughts in a moment…