Thursday, February 19, 2009

Alexis Grace: "It's all to better our lives"

To hear Alexis Grace talk, you wouldn’t think she’d be capable of pulling off the soulful performance she did on Wednesday (I know the performance show was on Tuesday, but her results show performance was better.). She’s got that sweet personality that just makes you want her to do well…

Here are some of the highlights of her interview…

On the music arrangement process with Rickey Minor and the gang: “It’s a show that helps form you as an artist…You should really just listen and take their advice…They’re amazing.”

On her daughter: “She watches the show with my family…She points at the TV and screams “Mommy!”…She might figure out something soon.”

On being away from her daughter: “It’s only for a little time…It’s all to better our lives.”

Which Group #1 contestant would she like to see make the Wild Card round? “Everybody was good….Everybody has something different to give America…I enjoy everyone’s voice.”

When describing her musical style, Alexis said it’s “blues.”

What was she thinking before her performance Tuesday night?: “I was just thinking, ‘You know what? I’m going to make the best of this night.”

What are things like during an episode?: “There’s a lot of waiting around…Backstage, we’re all hanging out.” Alexis says the group played board games. She particularly likes Scrabble and Scattergories. “We’re trying to ease the tension.”

On adding Kara as a judge: “It’s only for the better…It’s good to have an extra critique in there.”

So what will she be doing for the next three weeks as she waits on the finals to begin?: “We’ll keep busy. We’ll be around. You’ll see us again….Just keep watching the show.”

Why did she choose Aretha?: “I know I can sing in that range…I feel connected…That’s just my style, so I went with it.”

On the judges comparing her to Kelly Clarkson: “It’s more than flattering…It shook my world—in a good way…It pushes me…to prove that they’re right…

Alexis told us that was her father and his girlfriend in the Red Room last night and it made her feel comfortable because her dad is in a band with her back home. So is her dad worried about losing her from the band? “My dad couldn’t be more happy for me that I’m doing this.”

Alexis almost made it through the entire call without a question about Tatiana—almost. She said she never talked to her that much because she kept to herself. “She’s determined…She is going to be something someday.”

Photo Credit: Frank Miceletta/FOX