Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Matt Bores While Jesse Is "Too Cool for School"

Let me just say at this point that I HATE this Wednesday thing. Tonight’s “Lost” is going to be the biggest episode of the season AND this two-hour thing is bumping up against the “Top Chef” finale. Thank goodness it’s a one-time thing. However, the results show will be moving to 9 p.m. beginning March 11th, so that will be a big bummer…

Matt Breitzke, “If You Could Only See”: 14
I think the song choice was okay, but he didn’t show enough grit and so it came off kind of blah. And he really needs to work on his stage presence. That swimming thing was a little weird and the camerawork didn’t do him any favors.

Jesse Langseth, “Bette Davis Eyes”: 17
I’m with Randy. I thought it was okay, but there was just something missing. Maybe it’s because that’s not really a singer’s song. Like Jesse said herself, that song is all about the claps.

And did Simon actually just say, “Too cool for school”?...