Monday, February 16, 2009

Mastering the Nuances

The new clothes become paintings and watercolors that incorporate stunning effects in gradient.

The trend was based on Lego concentrate all power color piece by piece, however, the creators of this winter catwalk we propose an alternative, perhaps more subtle and feminine. Designers demonstrate mastery of the nuances through gradient exquisite techniques, adopting a wide range of hues worn and various on-off effects. The trend of the season pictorial applies to the point, the fox fur and various synthetic materials ... Everything is worth trying as long as the tissues were part of a beautiful and subtle watercolors.
Nina Ricci
For example, Olivier Theyskens at its printing house designing an ethereal Nina Ricci evening dress made of layers in a wave. The designer opted for the lemon and green tones that run through the suit with a serene progressive and innovative. American Michael Kors prefers to opt for more autumnal tones, opted for a collection consisting of dresses and shorts roughly eight-point. In its proposal, the land gradient in brown, as if the wind and the rigors of the cold were responsible for posing the colors on a whim clothing. Miuccia Prada is one of the main supporters of this trend. The Italian designer will implement it through its collection of clothes made of synthetic materials that display brightness and wrinkled effect cloqué. Who are the allies of the garments in degradation? Berets, half knee bicolor, applications and feathered corset-fajines, among others.
Alberta Ferretti

Here are the best alternative to the original prints and colors so they get taken other dimensions.

Michael Kors


Alberta Ferretti


Louis Vuitton


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