Sunday, February 15, 2009

Novica: "Golden Harvest" Talavera from Mexico

NOVICA Ceramic tumblers, 'Golden Harvest' (set of 4)

Ceramic coffee mug set, 'Golden Harvest'

NOVICA, in association with National Geographic, offers thousands of limited edition and one-of-a-kind gifts, jewelry, and home decor treasures handmade by master artists and artisans throughout the world. Golden flowers adorn these delightful candleholders by Jorge Quevedo. Crafted by hand, relief motifs add to their fascination, while the deep cobalt is inspired by Mexico's traditional Talavera pottery.

Artisan Info:
"Hello, my name is Jorge Quevedo. The region where I was born and raised is renowned for its majolica ceramics. Although my family worked in other fields, I was fascinated by ceramics and, while still in high school, I took a job in a pottery workshop. There I learned the techniques and processes. After several years, I wanted to set up my own ceramics studio, and I saved up until I was finally able. It started out small, but little by little, my workshop grew. We always found lead to be a problem. After researching and experimenting, I came to master the technique using white clay instead of those commonly used in the region. I also work with lead-free glazes so as to meet the expectations of today's shoppers. The process begins by mixing the powdered clay with water to achieve a smooth, uniform paste. We shape it in molds or on the potter's wheel and let it dry thoroughly. We then smooth the fragile pieces and fire them at 800C [1,472F] for six hours to become cajete (bisque or biscuit). "