Friday, February 13, 2009

Book: Knitted Lace of Estonia: Techniques, Patterns, and Traditions

Yarn Market News: Nancy Bush revisits hallowed creative ground for this beautifully in-depth treatise on the lace masterpieces of her beloved Estonia. She starts with a history section, tracing Estonian lace from its origins as a cottage industry into a world-renowned art form. Then, a primer on knitting intricate "Haapsalu Sall" - center pattern, frame, scalloped edging - with special attention to the bobblelike nupps scattered liberally throughout and, also, to blocking properly on a frame. Then, the patterns: 14 of them, each one a marvel, several adapted from the influential Estonian magazine Triinu. They're rectangular and triangular, short and narrow, long and wide; with diamonds that intersect like figure eights, peacock tails and regal patterns named for Swedish royalty of yore. Finally, a stitch glossary of popular Estonian lace schemes, from leaf and twig to lilly of the valley to the hearty "Greta Garbo." Lovely.