Thursday, February 5, 2009

China Born Kids: Cultural Crafts

Ni Hao! My name is Ling Tang. Thank you for viewing my Website. I was born and educated in China. My husband and I live South of Boston, MA and I work as a Chinese culture educator.

I taught English in a school (junior and high) after I graduated from the college in China. Later I had worked as an editor and talk show hostess for seventeen years on various topics at the radio station of Hubei Province, which covered more than ten provinces along the Yangzi River and South China. In this work I traveled extensively which enabled me to gain a thorough knowledge of the people and cultural traditions of the different provinces of China.

Meanwhile, I got my second diploma of news writing. I interviewed people from all walks of life, wrote and translated articles published in newspapers and magazines. I also co-edited two books about the geography, culture and economy of Hubei province. My final qualified position in Hubei Radio Station was deputy directing editor.

After I came to the US, I worked at Chinese Radio Network in New York. My programs were introducing Chinese culture and inviting children guest hosts. I moved to Boston in 1997 and started working with families with children from China (FCC) in my spare time from 1999. Since then I have made more friends with FCC, families that have a Chinese background, and people who love the Chinese culture.

I understand that parents want their children to keep their Chinese heritage; and, that is exactly what I'd like to help. I am proud of the splendor of Chinese culture and am very happy to share my knowledge with people of all nationalities in America.

Ling Tang