Saturday, February 7, 2009

CRIZMAC: Art and Cultural Education Materials

Founded in 1985, CRIZMAC Art & Cultural Education Materials, Inc. began as a publishing company dedicated to the creation of art and cultural curriculum resources for schools and institutions. As the years progressed, we developed a catalog, expanded into the world of folk art, and continued to add new products, including children’s literature, music, and resources for teachers and artists. Today CRIZMAC offers a wide selection of folk art from around the world. Our clientele consists of fellow art lovers, folk art collectors, art teachers, classroom teachers, parents, and students.

In addition to publishing, we offer our exciting travel program, Journeys of Art and Soul. In the early years, the trips were available only to teachers but over the years they have expanded considerably and are now offered to the general public as well. Educators can earn professional development and/or graduate credit for their participation.

Our Speaker Series is a staff development program that represents speakers and artists who are available to travel to schools and provide seminars for the faculty and/or students on a wide variety of topics.

One of our latest ventures includes the opening of our retail shop, the CRIZMAC Marketplace, which offers an enticing selection of folk art, books, music, jewelry, gifts items, and much more. Special sales events and artists’ shows are held at the Marketplace throughout the year.

We also offer a variety of lectures, classes, hands-on workshops, and day tours, often in collaboration with other local organizations. Our monthly lecture series, ARTiculations, is held in the newly expanded classroom at the Marketplace. Other organizations and individuals take advantage of this space for their classes as well.

At CRIZMAC, we are committed to offering the best educational resources, unique folk art, outstanding travel opportunities, staff development programming for the educational community, and lectures and classes for the general public.

Visit our Marketplace or request a copy of our latest catalog from the home page. Thank you for your visit. We hope to hear from you soon!

Stevie Mack

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