Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eastwind Art: Japanese Patterns and Fabric

Eastwind Art is the result of Joanne Newcomb and husband, Chuck Northup's fascination with Japan. Joanne taught US Army children in Japan in 1954 and later co-led tours to Japan. Chuck lived in Japan after the war as a part of the Army of Occupation.

When the two later met and exchanged travel notes they decided to return to Japan several times, extensively studying the mingei (folk arts and textiles).

Joanne already was doing business under the name Eastwind Art making and selling craft items and watercolor paintings. When Chuck closed his consultation business he joined with Joanne to grow a larger business derived from her interests. Beginning with a few patterns, their inventory now includes over forty Japanese clothing style garments, quilt, and handcraft patterns of their own design. Selected Japanese fabrics, stencils, books, and gifts are also sold.