Thursday, February 5, 2009

Global Art: Activities, Projects, and Inventions from Around the World

From School Library Journal
Grade 3-6-Arranged in chapters by continent, these crafts will be useful for geography and cultural reports. The authors use a system of symbols to denote which continent is associated with the activity, the level of difficulty, the basic art technique involved, and how easy or difficult the required materials are to procure. Black-and-white line drawings illustrate the process and/or the finished product for each project. Most of the activities are interesting and directly linked to the cultures they represent. Others, like several for Antarctica, seem more contrived. Building a structure of icing and sugar cubes is sure to be a hit with children, but how illustrative is it of the Antarctic environment? Necessarily, not all countries and cultures are included but many are represented by more than one project. While children can use this book, the descriptions (e.g., "Young children create a miniature woodland scene..."), the pervasive use of symbols or icons, and the terse but accurate directions indicate that this book was designed for adults.
Torrie Hodgson, Burlington Public Library, WA
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