Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gypsies Collection- Weaving Lives Together

Carolyn is a Life Coach, trained and certified by the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara and the Coaches Training Institute ...check out: She specializes in life transitions. She is an international business consultant and loves to work with Women Business Owners.

Carolyn wants to speak to your group about her passions: women in business, world crafts, micro enterprise and life transitions. She is a delightful storyteller who motivates people to change.

Carolyn creates The Gypsies Collection as tribal gatherings to sell unusual clothing from her travels around the world. The Gypsy fills her wagon with wonderful jackets, jewelry and clothing to complement the changes experienced by creative women of today.

Carolyn is the Gypsy Coach. Invite the Gypsy bring beauty into your life!

"We dress the spirit, not just the body."