Thursday, February 5, 2009

Peacock China Imports

From small, picturesque, little-known villages including Langde, Anshun and Kaili come fascinating works of embroidered art and fabric. Brilliant in color and meticulous in detail, each product is imported directly from the Miao people of Guizhou Province…an industrious culture whose kind and gentle nature is exemplified in each of their products. Of the over 50 minority cultures in China, the Miao people (pronounced Mee-owe) are the predominant minority. Industrious and wise, the Miaos devised a way to enhance their quality of life by exporting their delicate embroidered designs.

In addition to our Miao products, Peacock China Imports brings you select items from Tibet. Paintings in spectacular oils. Sensational jewelry. One of a kind silver hand mirrors and jewelry boxes. An Autonomous Region of China, Tibet provides exceptional import opportunities!

With great appreciation for the “magnificence of the Miaos,” I am proud to offer you these unusual, soon-to-be-extinct collectors’ items…true heirlooms from the original artisans of China…and in many respects, the world. Through Peacock China Imports, I endeavor to bring to you the most desirable products of the Miao and Tibetan cultures.

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