Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Kennedy Center African Odyssey Interactive

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Visual Arts and Education Resources

Bas-Relief Sculpture. The "Abomey: History Told on Walls" Exhibition includes rich examples of the 250 year-old tradition of the Benin, West Africa, bas-relief art form—including some of its earliest surviving examples.

African Textiles Designs. African textiles reflect a range of artistic and social communications continuity, change, and ingenuity in beautiful and vivid designs.

Prints, Collages, and Monoprints. John T. Scott Renderings reflect dazzling compositions of color, texture, and symbolic forms from the African Diaspora.

Painted Rocks of Africa. The African Rock Art exhibit presents spectacular photographic images of the worlds' most ancient and fragile rock art, which illustrates the cultural life, philosophy and rites of the San—the oldest indigenous peoples of Southern Africa.

Stone Sculpture. Zimbabwe stone sculpture is produced from rocks that provide for an unusual range of colors and hardness.