Thursday, February 5, 2009

World Beads: An Exploration Of Bead Traditions Around The World

Product Description
Sophisticated glass baubles for Venice, intricate silver filigree from India, and intriguing batik back bone from Africa--dazzling and elegant beads from around the world have earned a passionate following among designers, collectors, and jewelry-makers alike. Beads have played a significant role throughout history for nearly all cultures, serving as adornments, money, and charms to bring luck or ward off evil. Now, with this definitive book written by the two biggest authorities in the field, Janet Coles and Robert Budwig, you can explore bead traditions from around the world.

Learn all about the fascinating ways that these ornaments are made and used today as well as throughout history, and then put to your new found expertise to work with thirty step-by-step projects for creating replicas of authentic, traditional beaded jewelry. -From Peruvian ceramic beads and pre-Columbian gold and rock crystal to silverwork from Bali, Janet Coles and Robert Budgwig celebrate the beauty, diversity , and traditions of beads. -Ideal for designers, collectors, jewelry-makers, and anyone with an eye for beads. -Richly illustrated with the stunning photography of Jonathan Lovekin.