Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Allison and Kris Bring It Once Again

Allison Iraheta, “Blame It On Your Heart”: 18
Her lower register failed her a little bit—as did those backup singers—but this girl is good. No doubt about it. It was a great song choice.

Kris Allen, “To Make You Feel My Love”: 17
I wanted him to showcase his guitar this week, but this was a great choice of song. I took off some points because he missed a few notes, including that last one, but it was still great. Did he remind anyone else of Nick Lachey? And I mean that as a compliment…

But the bigger question is why Simon was plugging for Kris so hard. We know Simon’s got a soft spot for young hotties—Westlife, Il Divo—so is he trying to steer the audience toward Kris?

And Kara, it’s Grand Ole Opry, not Opryland…