Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Matt and Lil Blow Their Song Choices

Matt Giraud, “You Found Me”: 16
Ladies and gentlemen, the mistake of choosing a current song rears its ugly head as it always does. You would think that Matt would have learned his lesson when he did Coldplay. I’m guessing that he felt a little burnt by last week and thought he’d go with something different. But that just didn’t work. And having him perform in the audience didn’t do him any favors at all—especially having Ryan talk over his intro.

Lil Rounds, “I Surrender”: 16
So Lil can pick any song she wants and she picks Celine Dion? What?! And was any of that really in tune? I guess I just don’t get the appeal here. She’s safe though because Ryan brought out the big guns—her adorable kids.