Friday, March 13, 2009

Jasmine Murray: "I'm definitely going to keep singing"

The first time we talked with Jasmine Murray, she really didn’t have all that much to say. And this time was no different as she talked to reporters on her conference call Thursday about life after “Idol”—which for her means high school.

Here’s a sample of what Jasmine said…

On what the judges said after the show: “They were just encouraging me to keep going and keep singing, which I’m so glad they did. They’re so nice and I’m definitely going to keep singing and keep trying to pursue my dreams.”

On her future plans: “After this, I have to finish high school, because I’m a junior in high school, so I have to finish that. I’m going to definitely go to college and just pursue music. I really want to have a career in music and maybe other things, but this is really where my heart is.”

On not being saved by the judges: “You never know in this kind of competition because—the wild card. It was just unbelievable that they picked me for that. You always have to have hope. You have to have faith and believe that it could happen and that there was a possible chance. They could have said yes, but they didn’t and it’s okay. I understand. They know what they want for their competition and they wanted to probably save it so it’s okay with me.”

On the judges’ save itself: “I think that’s actually a good idea. Amongst other things they’ve gotten to do this year with the top 36, the wild card, and the top 13, I think it’s great. They’re giving people extra chances to get closer to reaching their dreams and to reaching their goals and I think it’s a great idea…The judges put us all here from the very first audition and America really gets to decide the total outcome in a way, but I think it’s a good idea that the judges are getting to increase the numbers with the top 36 and the wild card and the save. I think that was really great that they feel like they get to have a little bit more of a part in it too.”

On having to be “judged” one more time on Wednesday: “I guess it felt like any other time that I’ve performed and they judged me, but I was just happy to be back on the stage. The stage is just so amazing, the lights and the audience. It’s amazing the energy that you get from being up there and being able to perform that one last time up there. It was so great for me and I’m glad I got to do it.”

On Country Week: “I had various songs that I was going to do. I was thinking about something by Leann Rimes or something by Carrie Underwood, but now I’m not going to get to do it, but it’s okay. I was really looking forward to it and on after that, but I don’t know. I guess you’ll get to see what everyone else gets to do, so I’m excited to see that.”

On choosing “I’ll Be There”: “I thought it was a good song choice. It’s a beautiful song and The Jackson Five, they were really young when they did it, so I thought it would be a good idea for me to also do something that they did when they were young. It’s just a beautiful song with a great message and I really liked it.” When a reporter asked if she also knew the Mariah Carey version, she responded, “Yes, I know that she redid it too.”

Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX