Monday, March 30, 2009

Michael Sarver: "I'm going to give them even more"

There’s no question that when Michael Sarver went out last week he did with a lot of class.

And he continued to show that class during his conference call with reporters Friday—although he did take one shot at the judges…

Here’s a sample of what Michael had to say…

On what he learned from the show: “I actually through my experience on Idol I learned
just how much I love my family, because I’ve never been away from them that long. I
really got a good hold on what my priorities are in life. That is my number one priority
is my family and although I’ll always want to do this music thing and I plan on hitting it
hard after this experience, it’s really taught me a lot about myself.”

On the judges goofing off during the show: “You know personally, number one, I enjoy
that because what people need to understand is this is supposed to be a fun thing. It’s
supposed to be enjoyable. It’s supposed to be the time of our lives and they help make it
that by goofing around, like Simon coloring on Paula’s face. That was just absolutely
hilarious. It does, indeed, make it complicated sometimes if you may feel like they’re
not really listening to you, but overall, the fun that they’re having on the show makes
everybody smile and that’s what entertainment is all about, bringing a positive light to the
TV world.

On whether he showed who he is as an artist: “You know, I really do actually feel like I
showed that, number one, I’m not as country as most people thought, and number two,
that there’s a lot of soul in me and I’m a soul singer and it doesn’t matter if you mix with
rock, pop or R&B, they’re soul. And I believe I established that and I believe that I
established that I’m the type of artist that will not only work my tail off to do what I do,
but that I never give less than 110% when I’m performing, and I believe I showed that.

On what artist he would compare himself to: “You know, it’s really hard because there’s such a mixture of influence in my life. But I really like the R&B pop style of Justin Timberlake, and it has a lot to do with the way that I write, but all the way across the aisle to Gavin DeGraw and bringing some of that soulful rock, just a combination of those kind of things.”

On what kind of album he’ll make: “It’s definitely going to be an R&B pop soul album.”

On what he would like to say to his fans: “My message to my fans, I thank you so much. You’ve blown my mind with your support and amazed me with your love and your messages and things that you’ve said about me. It means the world and I will never forget you.”

On a favorite bonding moment at the mansion: “The other night as a matter of fact, me and Danny and Anoop played a nice little game of basketball for the purpose of some exercise as kind of letting it all out. It was quite fun. I was horrible, of course, but it was a blast. It’s one of those things where you get on a basketball court with a couple of guys and you have that love for sports in common and just have a good time laughing.”

On whether or not he thought he would be saved: “My second was stronger because I was
stronger. I had definitely been dealing with some sickness and the performance
Wednesday night definitely, unfortunately it showed. I actually didn’t think they would
save me. I really appreciate the fact that they considered it based on my performance the
second night and how they complimented that. It meant a lot to me to really kind of in
sense redeem myself from suffering through a hard night. They did consider, but I felt
like it wasn’t going to happen, mostly based on Simon’s previous comments the night
before about not really feeling like I could win the show.”

On Simon’s comments: “You know, it didn’t necessarily tick me off, nor did it insult me,
but it kind of made me giggle because he knows better than that. We didn’t get there by
mistake. We’re all very talented. I believe in my talent and I believe in myself and what
I have to offer the music world. I definitely would not have been surprised if I had gone
back to the mansion with the guys that night and been on next week. It’s in a given week
and I’m very proud of what I brought to that table. What Simon has to say is quite
important on the show. We all know that and it has a lot of influence. Unfortunately, it
influenced in a negative direction for me, but a positive at the same time because who
cares what they say when they’re actually talking about you? It’s actually a compliment
that they’re talking about you to begin with, so it’s all right.”

On his song choice: “I really felt good about ‘Ain’t Too Proud To Beg.’ I saw that song coming weeks ago when I knew Motown Week was going to happen. I had that song in my head from the very beginning. I’m very proud of the decision to sing that song. My hope was to accomplish energy on that stage, entertainment, but actually to also show a very soulful side of me. I really believe I actually accomplished that. I was disappointed in the fact that certain elements of my health got in the way of me really giving the song what I believe it deserved, and that’s unfortunate. But no doubt, I’m proud of the decision and I look back at the performance and maybe my voice wasn’t 100%, but my heart was.”

On the impact of the judges’ comments: “I believe that what the judges say have a huge
impact on America. America listens to what they have to say. Number one, they’re in
those four seats for a reason and that’s because they know what they’re talking about.
America knows that. I’m not saying that they always get it right, and I have to be honest
with you I don’t really think they got it right necessarily altogether. There were a few
good points, but I don’t think they got it altogether right on me the other night. But the
bottom line is that they are smart. They know their stuff. They’re very talented in their
own right and America listens and pays attention. And that’s why American Idol is as
successful as it has been.”

On his future plans: “I plan to record. I plan to get my music out there and show my true
heart and artistry to America. I really believe that because I made it this far in the
competition, it shows me that there are quite a few people that really respect and
appreciate what I have and I’m going to give them even more.”

I really like Michael, but Justin Timberlake? Seriously? Stick with the country, Michael.
That’s where you belong…

Photo Credit: Frank Micelotta/FOX